What makes you tick? Sales Stardom Motivations

What I was reading, then sharing, and writing as a post on @LinkedIn :: https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgary-weather-still-cold-still-snowy/

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I’m always more productive on snow days … my best ideas get written down or typed. I’ve written some winning proposals as well. There’s something about the incentive to escape to tropical climates.

To move forward, you sometimes have to stretch to be the best version of yourself. Flipping rewind to what you thought were good moments, to reinforce why success was inevitable.

A reminder of sorts to your roots where you made a difference. Certainly, we all remember who they were. You can blog about those whose words came back to serve as a pat on your own back when you heeded said advice.

created by @optioneerjm


Created by @optioneerjm

I liked to find out what my team goals are … what makes them tick and how’d they see themselves as successful. I remember Gord being my most receptive pupil. He wanted to know how I ticked because I was consistently kicking ass on the score board. It was a WIN WIN exchange.

I remember him saying success meant his wife could retire to take care of the family, with a baby on the way, some guys buckle down and others buck a lot -> as in reliving their college or sports glory days. It struck me because, here I was trying to be SUPER WOMAN


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