Do what makes you happy!

Adjusting to limited mobility

is a debilitating infliction can feel like a crisis or melt down to the hmph-degree (thank you spell check on my iPad). It doesn’t matter the age, it can have grave consequences.

Dealing with restricted personal time is especially critical because a person doesn’t always have time to prepare.

Unlike having a baby. When you’re pregnant, you are probably at the most heightened in your life. You’re eating better and disposing those bad habits like smoking and drinking. I started liking broccoli those times, now something with regularity.

The Yuppy has had to deal with scary events from the moment they were born: they were making bomb shelters and storing supplies for survival during a nuclear holocaust. (Thanks again spell check on my iPad!)

The real possibility that a Third World War could happen any day. Thankfully, our parents were born during post WWI and before WWII. Likely, with parents or siblings who had served in The Great War.

In fact, Dr Spock and Julia Childs emerged massive audiences and readers who soaked the wisdom and knowledge dispersed with elegance and grace.

… To be continued

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