Living a nightmare or going through ELLEN withdrawal?

A Tweet asking: Where’s the ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ??


#OscarThePug can’t calm until she’s [Ellen ] in the TV but my brain injured husband is flipping thru ALL the channels!! Please help me Ellen !! *^*jm @EllenShowVideo⁩

When you realize you are paralleled at the same point as your mother was, different story, different circumstances that you both go though while you’re both fifty.

Living in the twilight zone

You may recognize your own déjà vu. I find that lately, you fear what you think will cause a negative reaction.

I’ve touched on but mostly skated around what I’ve gone through over the past year.

More drama last night is not good for my own peace of mind. Somehow, need to remove myself from the entire situations.

Don’t feel like I can go beyond the corner store, by car, in minus 37 Celsius wind chill outside.

For the first time in days, I did not shovel the sidewalks and drive. It was part of stewing over taking the garbage out as the only chore of the day, with the option to collect the bottles/cans and bag ’em for recycling later on.

I have had to learn to be homebound since almost the same time last year.

My fear of driving in minus bazillion degrees hasn’t abated. It seems the worst medical crisis happen at the worst possible weather.

When last year it was

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