What is YOUR story?

I’m getting curiouser and CURIOUSER about people these days.

I’m curious when I meet someone, who they are, what they do, what they like to do, their family dynamic, what makes them tick.

I started a series on my GOOGLE optioneerJM.blogspot.com interviewing people I find myself wanting to.

Besides being fearful that all my stuff could be lost when Google folds its Google Plus G+ platform, last I heard somewhere around April 19, 2019: the same place I read their disclosure that they had a data breach and although they said they don’t think any of their preferred developers would do anything malicious with their access to around 52 Million gmail users or G+ users. I’ve yet to see any media tech journalists talking about this… I do have a contact with a mighty editor with a Canadian National media, whom I worked with back in the day. ….

I babbled sideways, sorry. I’m writing like I talk, fast …I could be Kelly Clarkson’s mother — caught her with Ellen on TheEllenShow — just like me: stories-snowballing and tumbling around. imagine that!

I sent a version of the following in two texts just previously to writing this post:

I’ve never asked you what you do … I’m quite curious as you have such a soft, polished approach – very classy! I’m going to guess you do something with people but should be in sales!!

You are very professional personable — definitetly add pizazz in ur sales approach

In fact, I’m going to blog about you with all your social media platforms listed!!

I won’t use anything you deem private, however, I’m in favour of being fully transparent online, building your own brand.

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