The biggest NON story not around.

READ THIS and share it with friends who are faithful users of Google products, many of us gmail, while others have blogs on their Blogspot Platform.
This does seem like a knee jerk reaction to avoid a PR disaster in magnitude, making Facebooks issues appear trivial by comparison. What images have you stored on G+ that are not backed up anywhere else and this trust catastrophe that even begun to hum …. READ MORE on (on Word Press supported site and blog hosting platform). This is the biggest non story in Canada:: I posted on LinkedIn to both teleco CEOs Darren Entwistle @Telus and Joe Nattalia @RogersCommunications on LinkedIN and across several platforms:: There is a BIG reason Google is shutting down its Google Plus G+ social sharing site, built of communities and groups, and the best kept secret in corporate communications use of GOOGLE HANGOUTs (in Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spike to students in classrooms across the country, remotest regions: think +ChrisHadfield holding tutorials in space for other classrooms, showing the coolness of being in space, surging interest in science across the universe. Literally, showing what he could see from where he was in space. Singing David Bowie cover of Space. This is where I learned about the power of Google was it’s visuals are stunning.
READ MORE: operated thru WordPress domain and websites, analytics, numbers and tribes.
Tonight I discovered more discussions about the REAL REASON #Google is shutting down G+ — because 5 million users had their data breached.
Bang the drums, get notice to national senior editors, so investigative journalists get going DianeFrancis of @TheNationalPost

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