Commenting on other blogs is a great way to enhance your own tribe.

The following was my response to a comment on YUPPYdom as with @WordPress

What a great rush!

> YUPPYspeak from the 1980s

If you want to know more about your YUPPY boss, employee, parent, whatever! You would be smart to binge watch the following:


>When we were teenagers, 15-18 age group, the year would have been 1976 to 1980 <

* Saturday Night Live: from its very first show and season ensemble was what we were watching if we chose to stay indoors instead of going “gallivanting” (words from my mother)

* Any classic spin offs from the performers from SNL (abbreviation for Saturday Night Live) MOVIES i.e. Animal House — where John Belushi immortalized his impression of being a zit)

* Watch all of the following movies (Millennials: host an 80s movie party, dress up a must, BYOD (bring your own booze) or BYOW (bring your own weed) > premake crashing arrangements so nobody can drive home > you’ve collected and hid everyone’s vehicle keys >> only way to escape is some come drive you and partner safely home, a taxi, or UBER service.>> St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off << approximately 6 hours of movie watching + potty breaks, refreshments rounds, pizza arrival&eating, or WHATEVER.

…. to be continued….

Absolutely the truth!! One of my ALLTIME clicks on my blog, which someone borrowed for completing a handbook for managing sales: optioneerJM on Google’s Blogspot platform, created with a G+ identity and profiles.

Because of my learning, and trying to spread good information, becoming a dog of myself, grabbing it as though it really were a bone.

“What do you want? A HUNTER or A FARMER?” >> and I went on to explain and recommend what you can expect whether we say either hunter or a farmer.

Just the kick in the pants to get going extracting all my personally created images, layout, fonts, backgrounds, often acrylic painted canvas or up cycled garden art.

I HAVE A LOT OF DATA with GOOGLE, spanning 10 years. My go to depository >>

>> I HAVE MORE IMAGES, CREATIVE ART WITH GOOGLE 10 years ago. It was a roll of the dice.

>> WON’t trust Google anymore.

>> SO SAD. Like a relationship at the final destination together or apart.


It looks like Facebook is going to get a pass. What remains to be seen is what their BIG MISTAKE is going to cost them? Not yet.

GOOGLE’S parent company, ALPHABET, nudged aside APPLE in the largest corporation crown.

Consumers began to lose trust with Apple, who started to resort to tricks and technical theatrics with its loyal tribe of artistic, artists hub of innovative creators disciples of Jobs.

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