Lead with your heart in your hands

I wrote the following Tweet, InstaGram, Facebook posts:

A lazy day in #Calgary eh? Please say hello & #RT to see a kinder side to @Twitter :: Mr. Mayor ⁦@nenshi⁩ )( O ) & friend Nattallia ⁦@Ladyw_IronRing⁩ #GoodVibesOnly < Letz help restore our unified confidence via his tweets !! )- he puts his heart into whatever he does, giving 1000%

Whether the headline is a nod to the Mayor, whom I’d heard on the radio, was getting into political hostility with anyone on social media: this is sage advice.

maybe I’m more unique than I thought?

I would attribute that quality skill to my sister, who shows it in how she is with people.

If she can calm the upward swings of my mom better than anyone else. Except for my dad: cept Stormin Norman kept her under wraps.

It’s not like I picked it up from my father, sprinkled with my mom’s thirst for knowledge, getting to know people, at their best. Then emulate them with your own zesty character!

….. to be continued

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