Smarter than the average bear: YUPPIES

If you really identify with being a Yuppy

You’ll grasp most of what I say, relate to, at the very least: the era in which we were born [ my own identification, 1960 to 1965. I also refer to “The INbetweeners: neither Baby Boomer, nor Generation X” ]

As previously noted,

I am not a medical professional,

nor a practitioner of any kind. Nor do I profess to be an expert on anything,

except ME MOI self and I.

1000% accountable for what I write.

EXCEPT I’m also 1000 percent plus PLUS+

unique as my DNA, entitled to opinions.

NOT WRONG simply because I may not be informed, properly. Praise God, I love to learn. When we make mistakes, we learn.

In other words, I have opinions ::

Depending on the topic, deeply rooted by my own beliefs, experienced by my surroundings & upbringing, personal to me, misunderstood more than anyone really who could say “I get YOU”, imperfections as many may be there!

@optioneerJM )- creator Jeannette Marshall
Customized personal studio sign made by the writer | blogger > Jeannette Marshall > Social Media Goddess :] in my own mind ,

There things that make me persnickety now that I’m in my fifties, not quite sailing into any sunsets…. which was a dream I had a very long time ago, as a young Yuppy’ automatic requisite goal setting exercise: “where do you see yourself in a year, 5 years, and 10 years?”

Self portrait )-
*How I saw myself in 2014

I recall that I did do that self exercise in the early-to-mid 1980s. Write down your goals, present them to peers and watch them be realized.

> I’d love to dig it out rummaging thru the pile of boxes, now in our newly carpeted, freshly repainted basement.

One opinion I do have deep rooted concepts that are difficult to budge ….

Just this past couple of months,

I’ve sounded like a broken down record

to my youngest daughter, the older one an iron strong post grad, woman underscored.

I’ve tried imparting the wisdom to do that for herself, as a favour to herself,

Write down those very three things, then answer as honestly as you can:

1) Where do you see yourself this time next year?

A general state or what steps may have to happen, before you get there. Not general, specific as to love, relationships, beliefs, occupation or career, financial, health & wellbeing — how often do you go to the dentist? How good are you with self care?

2) Where would you like to be in 5 years?

As in what would you be doing, with whom, and where?

3) how would your life look in 10 years, when will you retire, do you think now, it will likely be sooner; then list those things that will have to happen before that can be realized–

Certainly, I’ve lost sight on a lot of that. I only recall the one consistent vision:

Being retired meant being on this very big deck, high upon stilts, with the waves from the ocean below crashing against the sturdy home. I was painting or writing.

The vision always said it would be the very west coast of Vancouver Island, which I’ve never been, to this day.

I know, being an artist is learning to reign in overdoing it while trying to reign my world. Hanging on, still in the middle of a twister with my husband, Rob, who had a brain aneurysm a year ago, February 20, 2018 and suffering seizures a month ago.

I have poor self image when I’m feeling vulnerable or fearful. I get release from creating these illustrations from my own imagination. Many are self portraits or family members. I haven’t done one of Rob yet, but I have ideas brewing.

You don’t know real fear until faced with illness by the love of your life. it has been surreal. Facing reality that could be a big dip. Life goes in peaks and valleys. The deeper the pit of despair evolves into achieving your peak. God’s Plan.
God’s Plans

The other day, my brother in law felt it was necessary to install faith or remind me to build trust in the higher power, as my parents often said :: that preaches doing what you say.

I start to think of those goals 40 years ago:

in love with life, thinking my hard work was going to boast my goals to zoom past them, with my 1980s zest of spirit and determination that can cause mini sparks around her.

Reality is a far stretch right now, perhaps not insurmountable, to imagine being able to afford that dream, the reality a stark contrast to even being healthy and well enough to appreciate and enjoy it.

If anyone was in my life, it didn’t show.
This vision of the future, day dreaming.
Who knows?
Like a scrap of paper, those long ago dreams, became scrunched from balling in a frustrated grip. Frayed paper, delicate now from being opened and closed.
Dropped into the trash can when giving up became your reality, you dig back into the trash can, weeding through carrot peals, and old coffee pods (unnamed as I am not compensated by divulging sources).
Yeah, we who live in YUPPYdom, may feel some despair, but the battle cry of a lone
YUPPY … brings out its brethren to prop up each other and restore some of that vigorous that was once the norm.

Please NOTE: All the artwork posted on YUPPYdom is mostly all my own. With exception of, as noted below.

Note image CREDIT: @karenxreyes

Note to Jonathan Reyes: it appears as though your talent lies in graphic design.

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