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Gundry MD – Is There A Solution For Leaky Gut?
— Read on thegutrehab.com/190122A.php

Read the print at the bottom: white print with blue background. It states that the above article is an ADVERTISEMENT!!

I was about to share the above on all my social media platforms with my online identity brand @optioneerjm . Thankfully, I didn’t. I read to the bottom. It sent an alert!

This is a great lesson for others to learn from, as have I.

If you are about to jump on-board or test the social media waters, allow me to help guide you throughout on calm waters. Allow me to silence your fears. I want to encourage those feeling lonely, down or just feeling of giving up. You are not alone. I will go back and insert a link if I find one on statistics of who is the largest group on the internet, who rules the universe? Would it be Baby Boomers or rumble of charging Millennials? I will be posting the question and trying to attempt to tie in everywhere with the hashtag: #YUPPYdom to create a conversation, where everyone’s opinion is valid.

The hidden bonus of going online,

for Yuppies in particular, is phenomenal because you are not restricting your creative streak: your secret power. For me, it became about creating a positive vibe, forming a tribe of assembled everyone who can relate to the YUPPYdom vibe. You’re not washed up but awash, free from responsibility dream, that reality ended up a nightmare: unprepared for the 50s years either financially or wellness, from the bravado of the YUPPYdom code of invincibility and if you put your mind to it, you can accomplish ANYTHING, our motto.

My messaging seems to really appeal to the YUPPY crowd, whom I preach to and speak of this dynamic demographic crowd.

Make it very well know, because it needs to be said, I am not a medical doctor, PHdDoctorate, physician, psychologist, physiatrist, certified, degree’d, nor expert on any topic.

HOWEVER, I’m distinguished as specialized in the empire of ME.

Therefore, I am merely expressing my own personal opinion in its smallest atom and slightest whiff of hot air. I am 1000% accountable for what I say, what perception it gives.

I would so love to create a conversation universally through a hashtag of #YUPPYdom attracts a positive vibe of being kind, helpful, as AMBASSADORS within the social media worlds.

#YUPPYdom is the beat of vibrant music (I share my music selection, archived as it appeals to me < less than 2). I’d like to be involved with deciding what is trending, by SOCIAL opinion under one umbrella.

I tried creating a hashtag on Twitter as #bestofeverything only to discover it was popular a vast Aussie tribe. We’ve shared it ever since. Unfortunately, my version hasn’t caught on ….. yet.

Drawing deep down in my belly for some strength to trigger the passion waiting for release, being suppressed for so long, for some it could implode. The response to succumbing to anxiety or depression.

I’d love a rejuvenation of my REAL self who has been hidden, more as a defence mechanism after hurt, mental health abuse #METOO first hand, unbelievably beginning when I turned 50, not when some would expect, in my teens or twenties. Remember, me being of the YUPPYdom crew, my very fit, petite body squeezed into all five feet of me …. no wonder “dynamo” has been used to describe me by older female mentors, of which I’ve been lucky to have some guide me throw my seasons of life:

Thank you glorious ladies

Who knew me through and threw

… good times and celebrations

A gentle nudge seldom, while a kick in the ass aplenty.

Never permitting self pity or whining

A cheerleader, a champion, a promoter

of my best qualities

Thank you.

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