Don’t ACCEPT mediocrity or sub par anything

I apologize if image is gross.

While my intentions are honourable, it is to emphasize the power at your finger tips.

Whether creatively, or expressively, you can decide to dive into interview, review, or rant mode. Let your picture say more than your words.

Face it, social media is simply a humongous popularity contest, even at other times complicated.

Don’t waste your brain cells being hung up on whether you’re techie enough to go on to social media sites.

If you know how to turn on a computer, you could be a techie.

It depends on when you were born.

The Millennial of today is very techie and mobile savvy.

I wonder if Steve was innovative

by applying the widespread knowledge that the biggest bubble of age group with spending money, would be his own: the Baby Boomers [those born during post World War Baby Boom 1945 to 1960]

These days, it’s the Millennial voice we hear a lot from — this is a good thing because they likely became adept with a computer mouse and they were with a spoon.

Flashback: I read a lot back then, when I first became a mother. With the gusto of a Yuppy, my son had been born with chromosomal abnormalities that were 50000:1 other births in the world had a chance of sharing.

As a mother, you want to be the best possible. I learnt that from my mom. Flash forward >> I annoy my kids and allow others to snicker.

There’s where the internet and social media can go hand in hand.

One can be the best version of themselves: the explosion of passion colliding, then cascading like fireworks, with creativity.

You can learn anything by watching videos — and freely — on YouTube. So many stars-in-the-making vying to be the next Justin Beiber: the best Millennial example of too explosive of fame, to dwindling popularity because, as my own Millennial daughter taught me: he’s just acting out like any other guy his age, except it gets more attention because he is who he is.

All the art and photographs were created by the writer, blogger and creative writing head of YUPPYdom as [ a WordPress engine site ].

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