Social Media is suppose to be “social able”

Acrylic illustration by blog author, Jeannette Marshall
Alternative Version
As in being able to be social … whether you just come online with a narrow focus or outcome, you are on the super information highway. Remember:

Perception becomes reality.

Make sure your perception

is the best version of who


Don’t come across as bitchy … or grumpy.

I’ve been enthusiastic about the discovery of the KIJIJJI alternative LETGO. I like to swipe through other people’s junk [usually when Rob has the football game on].

I may have no intention or destination or object in mind, but a keen eye for things for repurpose-able garden objects that can be made into garden art. Rob now calls it my circus.

Use your manners online just like you would in person. Right? You’d think: right!

Whether a Yuppy or Millennial or Baby Boomer or GenX, GenY, GenX – you know flowers attract bees for honey, not vinegar.

Forget about hiding behind a screen, it isn’t a magical shield you are hiding behind. Get rid of that aggressive, rude tone or just don’t log on.

Forget that you’re so miserable you wanna make sure you take jabs at anyone you’re in contact with. Don’t even check in.

Social means pleasant, friendly, helpful. If you are unable to do so, just turn that TV back on or blend back into your not so perfect life.

Social doesn’t mean that misery loves company. You’ve got your sounding boards or therapist to help you with that.

For the first time this evening I read “widow” as others would share occupation.

If you’re in a bad mood, log off, star or flag whatever and go back the next day, especially if you are commenting or replying while you’re grumbling.

People gravitate towards positivity is what I like to believe. They don’t flock to negativity [unless you’re Kanye West and Drake having a Twitter spat].

If you’re just taking baby steps online, take heed:

BE the person UV always wanted to BE

Sugar is sweet cept it isn’t a fun vibe

Nastiness begets loneliness, no tribe

Don’t hate the haters

Connect to a mover, shaker or motivator

Comments are valued

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