Growing your tribe

Growing your online tribe is a lot different than your IRL sphere of influence.

IRL: basically an acronym for: “in real life” is something that should be adopted quickly.

It defines where we’re at: acceptance of outdated historical dialogue has become our reality in 2019.

Leapt into the diminishing days of this decade. 30 years ago I wasn’t just facing the lessening days of the 70s decade when I had recalled so much stuffed into a decade, I wasn’t necessarily on the front edge of the 80s and had some great misses (bad trends of the 80s I fortunately skimmed by without slowing down).

Visiting my brothers to celebrate New Years approx 2002

Published by YUPPYdom

A writer, a blogger, a seeker, a finder; discovering nuances that are unique to those born between 1960 and 1965 .... I write about what appeals to Yuppies who are 50 plus and wanting to be the best of anything and everything! I provide insights and build camaraderie among YUPPIES of the 1980s, an impactful demographic born in the 60s, went into Junior High | Middle School in the mid 70s and graduated from High School 1979, followed by the roller coasters in the 1980s. Regardless of location, religion, gender &or identity, age, culture, beliefs, education or economic standing. Everyone is famous in their own world:: having the starring role.

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