I’m definitely under the “thrill of the hunt category beginning back to bellyaching about having to trudge three teenage girls to ValuVillage or Goodwill with their slim budgets on clothing.

Social Media is suppose to be “social able”

As in being able to be social … whether you just come online with a narrow focus or outcome, you are on the super information highway. Remember: Perception becomes reality. Make sure your perception is the best version of who YOU ARE! Don’t come across as bitchy … or grumpy. I’ve been enthusiastic about the […]

Yes, I’m gullible and too trusting

I’ve heard this by my youngest daughter many times. I’ll accept that. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt except when they accumulate and escalate as I become frustrated and communicate the ability to want to improve or change — of which entertains my husband who likes to watch when it […]

Where your opinion matters: Book Reviews

  Creating a tribe within interests you have is a clever way of growing your following on Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, for example, or virtually bookmarking on Pinterest or following a hashtag on Instagram that tends to lead you down the path of your own interests. I like reading, so this was an easy […]

Keep your mind exercised and lively as you age

Create your own happiness Here we are again, us INBETWEENERs (neither Baby Boomer nor MILLENNIAL offspring) likely born between 1978 to 1961 – the dip in populations after Boomers, who likely were our older siblings, sharing war era parents who were sandwiched between the GREAT WAR (likely they had a sibling who served) and WORLD […]