Tech can make life easier

Like most yuppies, I’m comfortable with technology but not a bear about privacy

I can consume many minutes gliding across recipes. Most of my best made recipes are still handwritten on lined index cards from the 1980s onward. Even a few interpretations of “a little of this and you can tell how much by adding that” shared by my mom. Grateful for the others from friends after sampling their cuisine.
I’m starting to get more on board with using APPs out of convenience. I use Pinterest as my online repository of data: a virtual filing cabinet of ideas, images, beautiful art & photography, recipes, decorating, gardening.
However, I have stopped myself from getting an APP once I’ve read the PRIVACY disclaimer: I am willing to grant access to storing information by me on Google because it allows technology, algorithms and personalized preferences that help me find something I’m looking for.
How companies are generating revenue online is full of mystery: unlike radio or television who readily share advertising in full transparency. Even magazines and newsprint must display Advertorial” or indicate “paid advertising”.

Readership or viewer audience or audio range are and have been tracked for decades: nobody can pick a number out of thin air.
I’ve had the same cell number since I got my first cellular telephone the size of a small brick, long before smartphones and tablets. It was part of my career in magazine advertising and digital print sales. (Started by a forward thinking executive in publications who recognized the efficiency it would bring, to clients forwarding their print ready digital files for critical documents regardless of where in the world they’d end up, regardless of size from architects, engineers or design firms.
Next up: recipes
Like contacts, somethings gotta give. I have contacts in three places:
  1. Address Book (hand written)
  1. Smartphone
  2. Online based on email or profiles or APPs
Thus, I’m on the hunt to combine my recipes and look for new ones in a snap. I’m fine with contacts being protected from shysters who trick you into clicking or not paying close attention to privacy rules when you use various sites.
I’m fine with algorithms (computer generated numbers manipulated into conveying insights, habits, etc.). That’s because I’m aware and being more observant. There is no need to develop paranoia or develop hysteria over anything that may not apply to me or I’ve become more attentive.
I’ve used a variety of methods to flag where mail is coming from: companies can buy addresses for direct mail marketing. Or, is the information from a provider.
Nevertheless, I will look for APPs that don’t use my information to create their own new revenue streams. I will continue to read PRIVACY statements by those who have my business and won’t sweat from the trusted ones who use my data to give me a better experience or help me find things faster, even customized keeping my own unique taste.
The conversations will continue, I just look forward to less ALARMS.
I have filed the following under “APPS 2 try” Notebook feature on iPad in case I don’t find one that’s free.


Some offer grocery listing with recipes…. Loblaws or Sobeys should marry these with shopping and delivery to provide value and stray away from strictly based on price.

I’ll go see if they’ve sharpened up.

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