When the timing is right and you make luck happen

Oops … this ended up under ABOUT on my @WordPress blog: YUPPYdom >> when an accident goes RIGHT! Meant for http://www.graFX.online website >> sometimes just knowing where to be when the timing is right, usually after an utterly shakable event, we can carve away any junk, dump all the toxins in our lives and/or relationships, escaping the work drone on mental health, toxic work behaviour that remains hidden, inter-relationship-bullying accepted culture [where companies protect their reputation over human lives >> clouded by the public domain as fun, cuddly or techie rather than the reality of fear and scare tactics owned by illy trained supervisors and politically savvy politicos pros.

Middle age clearly means having a mid-life crisis not even created by ones self but a loved one or health deterioration that throws one into a mad rollercoaster that never slows down and seemingly speeds up just as you decide you want to debunk that escalates to the need to evacuate or escape, the degree of impact made.

This is actually the most resilient one has to be in their lives. You know you’re on the downhill decline picking up speed to hasten reaching the bottom. Fighting against gravity and all the other fails>wrinkles, talent, success> and so on….

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