A Winters Eve Read


The best part of the first part of winter, on the eve of fall back an hour, is putting on a fire for ambience more than warmth, curling up with a soft purr like blanket, candles lit and a warm cup of tea, escaped to book that envelopes you.

I first read the second in the series, retrieved from my Mom’s seniors condo complex’s library. My reasoning: if someone gracious places a book there because it is a worthy read.

I went to Apple’s iTunes to see what other books by the same author or a newly discovered genre intrigue. It was cheaper to buy all three as an iBook than order+shipping+waiting for a printed version.

In fact, as a Prime Member at Amazon I have free shipping on the rare occasion I want a printed version for a gift [ which I never did receive, nor my inquiry first, complaint second responded to.

Prime Members get unlimited Kindle titles ~ where I got the Trilogy from.

I realize my favourite reading genre leans towards historically fact-based novels. They’re from a woman’s perspective while sheds light on how a woman thinks, what is expected of her, who she must defer to for permission for anything, her marriage plan adopted at birth, groomed for in youth, so she could be essentially sold into a marriage (by way of a dowry) to anyone her chaperone approved of.

This mesmerizing series examines what it would have been like being born in the early 1500s, the pecking order in formal English King Henry’s court, where strategy and wits needed to accompany beauty.

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