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“Whatever you are, make it a good one.” ~Abraham Lincoln #QuoteoftheDay

Creating a personal website is excruciatingly painful.

I’ve discovered some self-discovery along the way.

Painstakingly slow when one is trying to talk about oneself. At the Twilight of my years, God willing, I have another maybe 20 years on this earth, leaning towards calculating numbers to uncover a wake up call.

I know what I like when I see “IT” dubbed a former “ITgirl” in a small rural town of Alberta.


F A C T : my older brother texted me a question while he and his bride

were in Las Vegas, I’m going to say August-ish [factor in adjusting to

Caregiver to husband after his brain aneurysm February 2018 >> any

attempts to stop priorities from scattering are useless >> thrown into

a tempest of emotions >> just trying to hang on during these turbulent


& F E A R S

uncurling phobias seemingly appear overnight. Grasping on that

which are uplifting, hopeful, inspirational messages or incredible

images one wants to curate and share to help others celebrate


Turning off the noise to stay in your game, make the right one in difficult choices, exude vitality not downer expression, but one major thing.

RECOGNIZE URSELF AS author of your story, director of Memoir movie, designer of setting, script writer, bio, biography outline, main character.


WHICH Falls into your domain.

WHICH TAKES ME BACK TO THE ORIGINAL beginning, introspective, introduction. I am aware that I am like a runaway commuter train [ PLUG FOR Amazon inserted here including link which will generate income or goods or services in kind.


WAS A GREAT INVENTION OF THE 1980s > not fact-checked for accuracy

I really did l-o-v-e my jobs in the 1980s.

I was introduced to “contra” in the advertising industry standard playbook:

An agreement whereby both parties enter into where instead of money for service/goods, the 2 parties agree to the monetary values of their service/goods equal fairly traded in exchange and instead of currency (including BITCOIN). The agreement is signed between the highest authorized party signature.

I want to give this another try since I’m a Caregiver who needs to get some work or face losing everything.

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