Great idea!

Great idea! — Read on 🤴🏻 That looks splendidly heavenly … the years are starting to add up: when once upon a time a princess went to high school and became who she thought she should be, when now, my youngest had her first young adult love painful break up. 💪 The kids R […]

The coast or the rollercoaster of empty nesting.

I think I like to write about this phase of my life. It’s a bumpy ride where attitude does triumph over the common ailments of those going through this phase of: Loneliness Disappointment Well being ( physical & mental health Increasing reliance on medication & meetings with medical care professionals Decreased and rapid depletion of […]

Donating fuels the soul while satisfies the need to give

I’ve donated at least 8 orange bags full of clothes and countless pairs of shoes or sandals to @ValuVillage and haven’t gone thru my boots closet yet …. its hard work downsizing my closet as a clothes/shoes/purses/accessories and I’m barely halfway >> the curse of a fashionista fighting erupts 50s > in the headspace of […]