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“Whatever you are, make it a good one.” ~Abraham Lincoln #QuoteoftheDay

Creating a personal website is excruciatingly painful.

I’ve discovered some self-discovery along the way.

Painstakingly slow when one is trying to talk about oneself. At the Twilight of my years, God willing, I have another maybe 20 years on this earth, leaning towards calculating numbers to uncover a wake up call.

I know what I like when I see “IT” dubbed a former “ITgirl” in a small rural town of Alberta.


F A C T : my older brother texted me a question while he and his bride

were in Las Vegas, I’m going to say August-ish [factor in adjusting to

Caregiver to husband after his brain aneurysm February 2018 >> any

attempts to stop priorities from scattering are useless >> thrown into

a tempest of emotions >> just trying to hang on during these turbulent


& F E A R S

uncurling phobias seemingly appear overnight. Grasping on that

which are uplifting, hopeful, inspirational messages or incredible

images one wants to curate and share to help others celebrate


Turning off the noise to stay in your game, make the right one in difficult choices, exude vitality not downer expression, but one major thing.

RECOGNIZE URSELF AS author of your story, director of Memoir movie, designer of setting, script writer, bio, biography outline, main character.


WHICH Falls into your domain.

WHICH TAKES ME BACK TO THE ORIGINAL beginning, introspective, introduction. I am aware that I am like a runaway commuter train [ PLUG FOR Amazon inserted here including link which will generate income or goods or services in kind.


WAS A GREAT INVENTION OF THE 1980s > not fact-checked for accuracy

I really did l-o-v-e my jobs in the 1980s.

I was introduced to “contra” in the advertising industry standard playbook:

An agreement whereby both parties enter into where instead of money for service/goods, the 2 parties agree to the monetary values of their service/goods equal fairly traded in exchange and instead of currency (including BITCOIN). The agreement is signed between the highest authorized party signature.

I want to give this another try since I’m a Caregiver who needs to get some work or face losing everything.

Great idea!

Great idea!
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That looks splendidly heavenly … the years are starting to add up: when once upon a time a princess went to high school and became who she thought she should be, when now, my youngest had her first young adult love painful break up.


The kids R alright

My mom’s so right! When your kids are hurting, you feel their pain along with your own, failing to head them off from heartache. However, it is when they bloom into the person they wanted to be.

You gotta watch this

The Romanoffs

From Amazon


The coast or the rollercoaster of empty nesting.

I think I like to write about this phase of my life. It’s a bumpy ride where attitude does triumph over the common ailments of those going through this phase of:

  • Loneliness
  • Disappointment
  • Well being ( physical & mental health
  • Increasing reliance on medication & meetings with medical care professionals
  • Decreased and rapid depletion of financial resources through this phase
  • Dried up pool of “quality” employers who respect and value 50s knowledge, experience,

This is meme: who I really am, speaking via either @ optioneerJM being friends not just the smart @MisterSocialFave Philippe Trebault & Gratzy his partner in life & business boosting Social Fave 2B the best 4 #socialnetworking site & Tool and the first recipient of a http://www.graFX.online recognition for creating a powerhouse cast of characters who mutualities in favour helping each other in unique ways, instead an online Brotherhood + Sisterhood of powerful online influence [ to be backed by numbers not boasted fake information that risks being considered real and crafted in fake reality for not just the lonely hearts clubhouse founders. Check out http://www.blogspot.optioneerjm.ca blog that speaks to aging Yuppies coasting through empty nesting (and all of the surprises) who’s readers appear [by studying the #numbers or #data available from blogging, tweeting [ #socialmedia verb as in action or doing] to understand your tribe. I remember a fellow blogger I met on @LinkedIn whom I shared great synergies, in 150% professional manner … we check in once and awhile to give feedback on objective opinion on what branding messages I send out by blogs and that http://www.blogspot.meanderingsABOUT.com seemed to be catching on with the 50+ tribe … so I find myself speaking to that more and more: a safe platform of expression without plagiarism but plenty of advocacy floating around with inspirational messages, art, scientific knowledge or literary glee and artistic splendour settling as the cream of the crop in spokespersons for their generation, generously sharing advice or tips that Facebook champions and Pinterest categorizes pockets of boards where one can store its nuggets by topic or category that appeals to the aging Yuppy soul. Now Word Press’ platform springborded my writing by its creation of community of creation + creators + innovative persons that fall into same cascading symphony of blooming inspirational beyond positive or beautiful vibe with its own beat. Taking time to reflect and focus on what’s working really well or where you need an added kick in energy that is healthy, helpful & harmonious < do this now, Close your eyes or not depending on focus strength over distraction proned.

  • Donating fuels the soul while satisfies the need to give

    I’ve donated at least 8 orange bags full of clothes and countless pairs of shoes or sandals to @ValuVillage and haven’t gone thru my boots closet yet …. its hard work downsizing my closet as a clothes/shoes/purses/accessories and I’m barely halfway >> the curse of a fashionista fighting erupts 50s > in the headspace of counting down to official retirement or dedication to painting and writing Yuppy FT.

    I’d love to find 1 or 2 great clients with high quality goals to create elegant websites and #SocialMedia … if you know of anyone looking for this> remotely would work well with keeping an eye on my #HunksterHubster as he continues his long recovery journey after surviving a #brainaneurysm last Feb2018. I’m passionate about being an advocate for Caregivers because Canada drops the ball in this important area needing better financial assistance and resources for long term caregivers after insurance benefits payments decrease to only 55% income is ludicrous when you factor the amount of therapy, specialists, tests, doctors, is required to attend them. p.s. brain injury automatically suspends driving license > and so many other things I didn’t know nor prepared for.

    My Millennial children are working full time, attending university FT+working (even after parents had Educational Plans as they were born, who relies on scholarships and working 1+FT to survive. Then again, writing and educating others while sharing online (social media) could attract a sponsor for my websites or monetary brand ambassador income .. or benefits could be bartering services so no money changes hands…

    The best investment this year: [HINT~they’re shoes aka clogs] my sister accidentally forgot them here after she came to stay with me for a couple weeks. During this phase of deep cleaning they weren’t that hard to find. They add about 3” three inches to my stature, they lift me up in more ways than one; I don’t need to wear socks with them and it feels like they’re moulding to my foot. My feet don’t ever get cold nor sweaty those heat-filled days.

    I will post this review on Amazon and request compensation of a free pair a month that will still take me years to choose just one from a vast array and color or designs > both abstract & aesthetic designs. Colourful or conservative fashion taste will find one that appeals to everyone ~ regardless of gender!

    I think my OPINION MATTERS and is catching on to algorithms as more and more engagement expands. I’ll have to back track to some stats to dig deeper as to who is helping get the word [or art or image or science] and sending positive folks my way. Thank you. XO jeannette