Should you bother with social media or develop a follow?

Kissy Face by Stephanie Keir Tumblr / Instagram / DeviantArt

Great Question!

To be fair and to put things into perspective, you have to ask first: what would you want to get out of social media?

  1. If you say YES to wanting to keep in touch with my friends online.
  2. Check out what is buzzing around the world: art ~ politics ~ violence ~ gossip ~ things ~ technology ~ innovation ~ hollywood scandal [aka Weinstein horry show].
  3. Continue a conversation around a specific topic or event aligned by a hashtag for ease of use [ i.e. in Twitter, you are automatically popped into the feed of that hashtag ]
  4. Kill boredom: surf through viral videos to watch, new music to hear or interesting blogs with emerging writers.
  5. Where just about any conversation is captured somewhere that allows you to join the discussion, lend some knowledge, bend an ear or provide advice.
  6. Think of today’s traditional media: newspaper, magazines, television or radio and blend them all together, broadcast simultaneously, and you are in control of what you are watching without all the commercials or advertisements.
  7. You are interested in other cultures, other people, other issues, other places.
  8. You can view beautiful places on earth captured visually by the gifted eyes through photography, art, videography 24 x 7 x 365 days a year.
  9. There is a mosh pit of people all speaking, yelling, crying, joking, sniffling, spooking, scaring, inspiring, motivating, blaming, claiming fame at the exact same time.
  10. You like a challenge. Where else can you test your theories, sneak insights and learn things across the universe, to seeing NASA’s photos of earth at its most blessed times and horrific [hurricanes].
  11. You may not be alone, or even a loner, or even feeling lonely. Who cares either way? You can make new virtual friends exponentially times infinite divided by the time you realistically have to spend nurturing new acquaintances on to friendships.
  12. In some instances, you could want a life chronologically captured: posts from memorable events she wanted to share, like new jobs, new beau, new baby, or simply new hairdo!! The Millennial generation need not have the worry their parents and grandparents had over keeping photo albums updated and all photos filed, chronologically and cross-referenced to person or event (i.e. tag) accessible in seconds, not hours.
  13. If you are trying to sell something then you have the big YES! Keep in mind, if you are applying for a job or looking for a new one, you will need to be connected online if you want to appear as though leaping into the way of doing things digitally rather than dragging and clinging to paper with ink lovingly gripping tradition and determined never to let go.

My son showing me something from his mobile device.

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