know the NUMBERS …….. UR numbers examined lately?

Maybe I’ve found my sweet spot

I’ve admitted to being a knowledge junkie, wearing it like a badge on most of my social media bios.  

Giving a tip here and there 
is something my readers ask for about social media, back in the day.  I was channeling sales speak and advice left and right, then injecting a blog here and there about what I was learning on social media as my online personality grew.

If I were to Google my name
it would fall on to likely my LINKED IN profile first, consistently always.  I do like to see where Google places me ::…. the first step in understanding your online audience with numbers.

KLOUT worthy of note
If you take a gander of your KLOUT Score these days, there are some really cool content sliding across your radar, so smoothly that it feels more like a natural, instinctive rational click.  A feather touch not a heavy punch.  If you pay attention to what is being shown to you, heed it.  Klout is providing brands a much bigger wallop than even they may have not have bargained for.  When Klout couldn’t convince the money men [far less women, proportionately shallow] … Klout continued to re-invent themselves.  I would imagine they read and watched the numbers, and hardly registering what it was telling them.  Lucky that they aren’t afraid to try something new. ,,,…::->  copyright (c)

CHANCE is no accident
similar as LUCK being a blessing of sorts.
THOSE who make things happen
appear more like happenstance

You pay close attention
to what your numbers tell you.
Even if it is to watch numbers,
whether they rise or may fall.

CHANCE for fame+recognition
by degrees of authenticity in a world of disguise.
THOSE who take risks
by trial and separation.

Have the gift of raising softly
to the masses they resound and inspiration 
rebounding …..
To resonate, inspire, educate, and help others
is the battle cry.
That creates a rhythm nation of those that inspire

Are you one?
Why don’t you know?
You may not be reading the real numbers
hidden by so much fluff.

Your championship concludes
when quality outweighs quantity.
The knack for clicking winners
whom others quickly drift
towards …….

Do you pay attention to what I post to the right?  The most being my blog total readership numbers.  I have been transparent about that.  I’m probably going to change my widget so that each blog is dated:   if a direct plagiarism discovery would to surface, proof of date of publication would be captured on my blog.

With the beauty of translation, how would one know if someone is merely translating your content and posting it as there own?

I would like to think of a fairy tale dream come true where initially someone was just copying and pasting my content in a new and different language other than English, would be infringing upon my (c) Copyright as the creator of what has been repackaged, erroneously claimed.  

Then perhaps by continually taking a look at numbers, I see what story they want to tell.  In this case Brazil, so proud and at the same down trodden by hosting the Rio Olympics.  Maybe I was attracted to the heart of the story:  people overcoming major obstacles, to create a dream, and hearts beating as one.  That was the true beauty of Brazil as my observation of anxiously looking for my Goddaughter’s swim, to later discover she didn’t make the cut [ as a Canadian record holder in Swimming whom nobody remembers or knows because of her teammates quick rise to fame:  that Penny girl, with the long last name or difficult one to spell.

Have a look at this website whom I profess to read regularly as it is listed to the right ->  I owe him a return email, and this shows procrastination at its BEST!!

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