Living the country song

Highly enlightening ::…. looking at this blog, I think it was SPOT ON!  Perhaps taking a step back from a world you know instinctively, intuitively and intimately:  SALES. 

Although “What do you want:  a farmer or a hunter?” is my all time BEST clicker with over 25% of my highest readership is attracted by this post I wrote, not that long ago.  As a matter of fact, I have been coping with being a round peg trying to fit into a square hole:  some could say that it is a rigid, unrewarding culture that exudes fun, playfulness thru its advertising campaigns.    Yes, I do believe people buy into that:  if you’re cute and cuddly, your staff is pleasant and bubbly:  you have arrived at the optimum platform.  Posed for growth.   Highly entertaining if you allow yourself to take a step back, examine what is there, around you.  More often than not, you will have it around you. 

 When you float through the fondest of memories, you realize they aren’t about a badge, or a trophy, or a monetary bonus!  It is who is around you.  

Your medal of honor  aligned with pure identity to being who you authentically are.  Permission to have fears.  Latitude for anger on what affronts you:  violence, bullying, manners, nepotism, feminism, plagiarism, (hard word to spell!!  Thanks #Google [right click + proper spelling at the top right hand] ~ plagiarism and bullying, oh heck so does nepotism seem so unfair, biased [ref: Donald Donald J. Trump​]. 

 My sweet spot is sales, has always been sales, and challenges me in no other fashion.  I dig in my heels {some days pointy, other days square, usually comfy as a 50-something fashionista.  [ self-reference ].

WOWzers @PeterGross

Watch this movie.  It is brilliant!!

5*s #bestofeverything #movie

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