FATHERS: teach your sons

There is a way to a woman’s heart.

It comes without malice, power or disrespect.  A woman can complete you, make you satisfied with life.  If you degrade her, you are degrading yourself.

We are not objects of desire.

We are beautiful creations to be cherished, protected and honored.   How you treat us tells others how you treat the world.

We are not sexual playthings.

We make your greatest fantasy come true.  In a wonderful way.  The mother of your children, the love of your life.  The vessel which bears children, your legacy to the universe.  A celebration of family.

We support and nurture.

Those whom we love.  If you make us feel important, we will shine in your embrace.  We give without disgrace.

Your treatment defines you.

How patient, kind and loving are you?  Do we know how you feel?  No need to hide behind manhood but humanity.

We are not accumulation of wealth.

You don’t need to adorn us as testimony to your vigor.  We glitter without diamonds because loving us makes us sparkle.

Leave your wrath behind you.

There is no room for it in love.  Envy and retaliation are ego driven emotions.  They don’t belong with us.

We are your cheerleaders.

You don’t need to see us as anything but class.  Our elegance and intellect are celebrated.  Our art and skills are glorious.  Full of wonder or acclaim.  Your love is enough to satisfy any destiny of fame.

Love us unconditionally.

Cherish us for who we are.  We don’t belong in brag books or used as testimony to our fame.  The love that exudes from the union, whispers from the hilltop.  It isn’t a holler or screaming from pain.

Show the respect we deserve.

Your manhood will be intact.  You will gain brilliance from the way you refrain from abuse, destructive character.  Acceptance your middle name.

Prestige and stature

Come from the quality of position you exude.  The fight for the middle man and the down trodden is your attitude.

Peace and romance

Is from your generous heart.  A protector of compassion speaks from your sensitivity.  It does not lessen your manhood.  It makes you more a man.



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