Inspired writing

How I sometimes get inspired for a blog :: just the freedom of expression with a few caveats.
I’m starting to really let-em rip and no-holds-back expression. It’s quite fun actually. I guess I’ll see who reads this by their like :: I’m not gonna go check up to see who reads my posts :: especially when they’re my own propaganda promoting my blog :: but then again, if I haven’t annoyed yet, perhaps I can entertain you? I tried an experiment for FACEBOOK :: would any of my new audience BITE at the chance to chat with me :: since they’ve been shoveling my friend requests towards single, single and very impassionately driven to find their soul mate, above average intelligence, polished grooming (how smart is that?) Must remember, a few more of my dislikes so that I can exhume their toxic gasses of regret, bitterness, envy. A topic to be sure that should resonate with the newly 50 or very close to 55, even 57.
I just came up with this and loved it:  “Old enough to know better and young enough to know better the next time.”
Very negative review of @Yelp :: no respect for the privacy of paid advertisers
Too schticky without a heavy stick …. credibility is at a GRAVE RISK. The gal who wrote the letter to the CEO and YELP must be starting to examine YELP. Again :: massive CREDIBILITY defect
OK, I listened two minutes more :: how annoying this guy who is trying to mimic @JerrySeinfeld +JerrySeinfeld who should be outraged. GROSS revenue is hilarious but right. (you earned a couple of points back) :: you’d do better with an image consultant :: remember the Travel site guy? TRAVAGO (feel free to sponsor my blog by an advertising, dominating spot on
You can make a point without swearing.  You can make an impact without whining, poor imitation, f-bombs “SONNY”  :: good gosh :: INSANITY.


  1. So glad I found your blog, you’re doing a type of personalized writing that I enjoy . . . esp. being similar in generational associations. I have a lot of fun looking back on occasion. I’ve been working awhile on a variety of sites, but nothings ever very personal, which is why I decided to do VitaBio. It can be difficult to be very personal, when we’re looking for work. There’s this dual demand to ‘have no presence’ while we’re representing others, while also supposed to take part in community (much of which is online now). Let’s get back to freedom to be ourselves to some degree!

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