Yes, I’m gullible and too trusting

I’ve heard this by my youngest daughter many times.

I’ll accept that. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt except when they accumulate and escalate as I become frustrated and communicate the ability to want to improve or change — of which entertains my husband who likes to watch when it happens, just missing the popcorn. That is when it falls within my home or family, I’m the atypical Momma Bear. I go on counter attack long before reactionary defence is needed: except the recipient perhaps.

I take and make my own photos

Ruffled feathers usually result.

It is my opinion, the guiltiest party goes on the aggressive offensive: often expressing the need to be more aggressive to grind you down, widdle your confidence away, causes fear of repercussions that lately are described as “Bullying”.

Acrylic painted styrofoam
Original art by blog author – Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

Let’s talk about coming out. A new kind.

Force culprits, coconspirators, and creeps be identified online or forced into admitting indiscretions when and from which organization, on who’s watch, discovered by what microscopic media journalists or whistle blown where?

Something Yuppies had to figure out: eventually bad things will catch up with you eventually, just being a matter of when. You can control your own reputation by awareness of your vibe or who is among your crew that develops your vibe.

Painted by me: unfinished
Created by Jeannette Marshall (c) 2018

I’ve been a student of demographics since the #mid80s paying attention AND experiencing life at the bleeding edge: living life boldly full with optimism which often was misunderstood as confidence and sometimes cockiness.

I know of what I speak

Who said that?

Our tribe of aging Yuppies: facing obstacles we should be tough enough you’d expect by now.

I don’t know, I only have a hunch since I became a Yuppy by the mid-eighties (80s) starting the road of optimism mashed.

Optimism Mashed?

Using lingo I grew up with is a pretty indicative Yuppy vibe. It’s not like we’re singing “Glory Days” as our elder Baby Boomer idol or sibling (sometimes both) tends to.

Survivor, survivor, Survivor

What other decade or demographic generation had the theme of survivor?

Some would say our War Era parents preceding the Baby Boomers. Think again:

A survival song?

A musical group or rock band.

Best Sellers that carry Survival themes.

Feel free to comment with your answers.

Social Media can fill a void, trust me: I know. Accessible 24X7/365 days a year. Forming connections across the universe with people that share the same vibe

One can truly attract their tribe simply by their vibe. What starts out as a way to spy on your kids when they were in their teens and keep track of virtually.

Gullible or skeptic? In my opinion, the opposite of gullibility is skepticism. One is where your brain, heart and soul are linked the second being distrustful, negative and impatient.

Naive and too trusting does not always mean gullible: a discussion AND argument I’ve had with my mom for probably all of my years.

What you like, comment on, share creates your vibe. It’s a measurement of honesty, transpar- ency and reflective of what you do online, who you mix with merely by a click, not a direct message, private message, hidden away behind the scenes.

An example of something I posted basically says what I do, what I like, what things I like, and who else agrees or has similar ideals, taste or opinions. It can be fleeting and needs consistency, regularity, personalized and becomes distinctive.

Oscar only relaxes to watch The Ellen Show weekdays with dogmum while papabear naps: Definition of peace “ ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ~who recognizes average people doing remarkable things.” #MentalHealth #OscarThePug #PositiveVibes


Looking FORWARD to 2019

Reinforcing what has gone well in 2018, can assist with keeping on track even if I take a peek at the horizon, I’ll be focused on the present.

For every separate blog, I try to map out its general gist, what it will likely cover, what I will talk about. In this case, the first one falls under ABOUT ME where I wrote about my vision for the blog.

The best thing on social media the past few months: the YUPPYdom blog, sprung from Word Press, and originally starting out as optioneerJM [my consistent social media profile name, working towards becoming a known entity as a personality first before anyone can be recognized as a brand.

My own perspective leans towards interpreting a brand best by numbers, coverage, reach yet more often recognized as someplace where consistent, loyal, audience, customer advocacy, and universal appeal reside, which translates to revenue or compensation [ which I’ve had neither to this point in time].

Thanks to you, and you AND YOU: there has been a flourish of attention to this YUPPYdom blog. In fact, I recently was asked whether I use an SEO service on it.

My first reaction was that someone recognizes the jump in activity, almost my favourite part of blogging, besides writing, is watching, looking at(graphs), understanding the stats each provider offers as part of its blogging platform… how data tells a story.

My optioneerJM blog is where I write more about, sales, leadership, business, technology and Social Media.

Looking forward

I’ll continue to write about being an aging Yuppy facing retirement in the next 10 to 15 years. That will take many words, I’m sure. What is happening on the world and national stage will certainly jolt things askew straying from what others in our age group came to expect, is no longer a given in the birth class of 1960 to 1965.

I will come to grips on what my husband and I had to face and get through in 2018. Combining that with the continuation in 2019. What I have learned and what needs to be figured out.

Moms matter when Millennials have their moments

The wild side

A mother Racoon with her 2 babies have moved onto my daughter’s deck in #Vancouver (she’s calling #animal services) … sticking tongue out at her “Nanana Nahhhh”


She’s sticking her tongue out at you: talk about a “sign” about a good call to move eh?

It REALLY is a dog’s life when you retire, forced to retire due to health, your finances take a nose dive

It makes me laugh at the 80s antics: #TheGoldbergs @TheGoldbergs

A day doesn’t go by that Junior (what Rob calls him) ... he makes us laugh

Oscar is not always a willing participant

I’ve been wondering where my crowning 80s sweater is. I bought a shadow box last spring, actually two — one I gave to my neighbour. (I hope Stewart didn’t give it to the dealer who came to pick up his vast arrowhead collection inherited by the original, his grandfather who was a parks warden across Alberta and Saskatchewan. I even emailed a curator at The Glenbow Museum (largest curator of western Canadian native indigenous artifacts and purveyors of history).

IF, I can find it, that’s what I’ll do. That sure doesn’t sound like “rightsizing” does it?

A good friend of mine who recently downsized from a huge home backing on to a golf course said straight out, we have to get rid of our collectibles. I decided to start with the heaviest and bulky Stereo Cabinet from the 1940s that was Rob’s.

I’m pretty sentimental. I was angry with my mother after she gave away my sister and mine Barbies, along with an almost life-size doll (the ones without real hair, but coloured rubber doll material.

The sunset of life

beautiful beaches with stunning sunsets is where I’d like to be.

I’ve always had a dream that I would retire somewhere on a beach beside an ocean, it would have connectivity, and I’d work from my laptop.

I could safely say that a year ago, I had just started collecting Unemployment Insurance from the Canadian Government, a fund carved as a benefit when it really is our money.

I was preoccupied with finding a job that complimented my career and background, nowhere near retail, hospitality, or food industry.

I had been working for a reputable Canadian corporation who allowed bullying and sexual harassment because a whistle blower became expendable, very quickly.

Timing is everything

#MeToo exploded three months after. Crap timing for sure.

Should I stay? Or should I go?

Downsize, rightsize or otherwise?

It must be a struggle for anyone who hits 50, as long as the kids have all moved out without a chance of returning except to visit, of course.

It also depends upon your economic station or cultural traditions. In Canada, you’ve started university, gotta job and paid your folks nominal rent, a token of small responsibilities. Or, blazed trails exploring the world.

I centralize this blog surrounding YUPPIES: typically born in the early 60s and graduated from college or university in the 80s.

That would mean YUPPIES are retiring behind their Baby Boomer siblings around about now in 2019.

When reality hits it can be very smooth or like a slap in the face.

Ironically, the way life has its funny twists, both our cheating spouses are doing very well financially.

Our kids spend more time with the cheating spouse more than us.

Divorce can wipe out nest eggs and financially stability.

What Rob and I are most thankful for is they were saved from a rougher path simply because of our goal: to bring a family together. That’s probably what is our greatest success.

So, is it time to step away from our home that suits us and fits us perfectly: location, quiet neighbourhood, yard for the dogs and for me to piddle around with a garden. The house itself is bigger than we probably need. That is, until we watch “Escape to the Country” with sprawling gardens and countryside, and HUGE family kitchen.

When I speak to friends who have made the move, they promote no more shovelling snow or mowing the lawn, as if it’s a great thing.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying shovelling the snow, crazy as it sounds. It’s that bright blue sky and sunshine I’m sure. Although I recognize the exercise I’m getting.

Then our neighbours kids are our age, who retired pre-60 years old and purchased a home in Mexico. While my sister and I were there last winter, we stayed at a condo complex comprised mostly of Canadians who live there 6 months of the year: aka”Snowbirds”.

My 83 year old mother is returning from Arizona, where she is trying to sell her park trailer that she’s enjoyed about 15 years, half with my father when he was alive. My mom says the Canadian real estate market has dried up, because “so many Canadians don’t trust Trump.”

The decision to move to other shores is a giant one. What, with the Millennial children, settling down, there’s a grandchild now. It’s really hard to insert that much distance. It can’t be that dreadful with so many doing it. Especially, BabyBoomers or older.

The Yuppy is on the doorstep of decisions. Should they downsize and move to a condo, rightsize by getting rid of extra clutter. Lucky ones will winter in the tropics, with the fortunate able to do all, including safaris and European tours.

My preference is to right size. That’s being realistic. The dream of tropical shores is disappearing on the horizon.

Hans Bischoffshausen* (Lot 0301), 126th auction – im Kinsky auction house

estimate € 20,000 – 30,000: Hans Bischoffshausen*, “Komprimierter Raum”. signed in the lower center in front: Bischoffshausen inscribed, signed and dated on the reverse: “Komprimierter
— Read on imkinsky.com/en/buying/online-catalogue/126/2.654/77419-hans-bischoffshausen

What makes you tick? Sales Stardom Motivations

What I was reading, then sharing, and writing as a post on @LinkedIn :: https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/calgary-weather-still-cold-still-snowy/

See credit on image

I’m always more productive on snow days … my best ideas get written down or typed. I’ve written some winning proposals as well. There’s something about the incentive to escape to tropical climates.

To move forward, you sometimes have to stretch to be the best version of yourself. Flipping rewind to what you thought were good moments, to reinforce why success was inevitable.

A reminder of sorts to your roots where you made a difference. Certainly, we all remember who they were. You can blog about those whose words came back to serve as a pat on your own back when you heeded said advice.

created by @optioneerjm


Created by @optioneerjm

I liked to find out what my team goals are … what makes them tick and how’d they see themselves as successful. I remember Gord being my most receptive pupil. He wanted to know how I ticked because I was consistently kicking ass on the score board. It was a WIN WIN exchange.

I remember him saying success meant his wife could retire to take care of the family, with a baby on the way, some guys buckle down and others buck a lot -> as in reliving their college or sports glory days. It struck me because, here I was trying to be SUPER WOMAN


Read more: YUPPYdom as http://www.optioneerjm.com on WordPress #wordpress #successions #salescoaching new SITE PAGE:: SALESdom


” …. and those things can kill ya.”

~ my fathers voice still echoes.

I agree: smoking displays and conveys poor self confidence or bending to peer pressure.

That’s what it was for me: being part of the gang:

a measurement of self-worth by those she spends time with or time on.

COME ONNNN…. you say

Its not like you wake up one moment and say:

“I think I’ll take up smoking today”

~ said I to myself NEVER

So don’t even get started. It’s not cool or hip or sweet or nothing.

Perhaps one of your parents, or both smoke? Does that mean you will automatically become a smoker?


so you may as well do what ?. …


The visuals are what sets the tone of your vibe

Where you set the bar even higher than them YUPPY selves: deflecting to your offspring to know their own sweet spot, with humility while confident was showboating by her own mother.

Do what makes YOU HAPPY

difference between YUPPY parents&their MILLENNIAL kids is #SO profound

It’s not always obvious when the YUPPY parent(s) realize their daughter is the best versions of themselves. An unrecognized pedigree of talent.

The Millennial Offspring TODAY

The Yuppy’s prime was in the 80s while in her 20s her offspring daughters gave her a run for her money.

Saturday night

As the Apple of our YUPPY inner child

A #Millennial offspring
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