Yes, I’m gullible and too trusting

I’ve heard this by my youngest daughter many times.

I’ll accept that. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt except when they accumulate and escalate as I become frustrated and communicate the ability to want to improve or change — of which entertains my husband who likes to watch when it happens, just missing the popcorn. That is when it falls within my home or family, I’m the atypical Momma Bear. I go on counter attack long before reactionary defence is needed: except the recipient perhaps.

I take and make my own photos

Ruffled feathers usually result.

It is my opinion, the guiltiest party goes on the aggressive offensive: often expressing the need to be more aggressive to grind you down, widdle your confidence away, causes fear of repercussions that lately are described as “Bullying”.

Acrylic painted styrofoam
Original art by blog author – Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

Let’s talk about coming out. A new kind.

Force culprits, coconspirators, and creeps be identified online or forced into admitting indiscretions when and from which organization, on who’s watch, discovered by what microscopic media journalists or whistle blown where?

Something Yuppies had to figure out: eventually bad things will catch up with you eventually, just being a matter of when. You can control your own reputation by awareness of your vibe or who is among your crew that develops your vibe.

Painted by me: unfinished
Created by Jeannette Marshall (c) 2018

I’ve been a student of demographics since the #mid80s paying attention AND experiencing life at the bleeding edge: living life boldly full with optimism which often was misunderstood as confidence and sometimes cockiness.

I know of what I speak

Who said that?

Our tribe of aging Yuppies: facing obstacles we should be tough enough you’d expect by now.

I don’t know, I only have a hunch since I became a Yuppy by the mid-eighties (80s) starting the road of optimism mashed.

Optimism Mashed?

Using lingo I grew up with is a pretty indicative Yuppy vibe. It’s not like we’re singing “Glory Days” as our elder Baby Boomer idol or sibling (sometimes both) tends to.

Survivor, survivor, Survivor

What other decade or demographic generation had the theme of survivor?

Some would say our War Era parents preceding the Baby Boomers. Think again:

A survival song?

A musical group or rock band.

Best Sellers that carry Survival themes.

Feel free to comment with your answers.

Social Media can fill a void, trust me: I know. Accessible 24X7/365 days a year. Forming connections across the universe with people that share the same vibe

One can truly attract their tribe simply by their vibe. What starts out as a way to spy on your kids when they were in their teens and keep track of virtually.

Gullible or skeptic? In my opinion, the opposite of gullibility is skepticism. One is where your brain, heart and soul are linked the second being distrustful, negative and impatient.

Naive and too trusting does not always mean gullible: a discussion AND argument I’ve had with my mom for probably all of my years.

What you like, comment on, share creates your vibe. It’s a measurement of honesty, transpar- ency and reflective of what you do online, who you mix with merely by a click, not a direct message, private message, hidden away behind the scenes.

An example of something I posted basically says what I do, what I like, what things I like, and who else agrees or has similar ideals, taste or opinions. It can be fleeting and needs consistency, regularity, personalized and becomes distinctive.

Oscar only relaxes to watch The Ellen Show weekdays with dogmum while papabear naps: Definition of peace “ ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ~who recognizes average people doing remarkable things.” #MentalHealth #OscarThePug #PositiveVibes


Looking FORWARD to 2019

Reinforcing what has gone well in 2018, can assist with keeping on track even if I take a peek at the horizon, I’ll be focused on the present.

For every separate blog, I try to map out its general gist, what it will likely cover, what I will talk about. In this case, the first one falls under ABOUT ME where I wrote about my vision for the blog.

The best thing on social media the past few months: the YUPPYdom blog, sprung from Word Press, and originally starting out as optioneerJM [my consistent social media profile name, working towards becoming a known entity as a personality first before anyone can be recognized as a brand.

My own perspective leans towards interpreting a brand best by numbers, coverage, reach yet more often recognized as someplace where consistent, loyal, audience, customer advocacy, and universal appeal reside, which translates to revenue or compensation [ which I’ve had neither to this point in time].

Thanks to you, and you AND YOU: there has been a flourish of attention to this YUPPYdom blog. In fact, I recently was asked whether I use an SEO service on it.

My first reaction was that someone recognizes the jump in activity, almost my favourite part of blogging, besides writing, is watching, looking at(graphs), understanding the stats each provider offers as part of its blogging platform… how data tells a story.

My optioneerJM blog is where I write more about, sales, leadership, business, technology and Social Media.

Looking forward

I’ll continue to write about being an aging Yuppy facing retirement in the next 10 to 15 years. That will take many words, I’m sure. What is happening on the world and national stage will certainly jolt things askew straying from what others in our age group came to expect, is no longer a given in the birth class of 1960 to 1965.

I will come to grips on what my husband and I had to face and get through in 2018. Combining that with the continuation in 2019. What I have learned and what needs to be figured out.


I’m definitely under the “thrill of the hunt category beginning back to bellyaching about having to trudge three teenage girls to ValuVillage or Goodwill with their slim budgets on clothing.

Words and memories are all I will have

What’s suppose to be … and reality are worlds apart. Freedom 55 isn’t what it’s cracked up to be, if you are to believe what we Yuppies were led to expect. With our parents staying with the same organization you went to after school and college or university.

We’re expecting the retirement bon voyage when we hit 65, along with the gold watch. The RV is gassed up, parked waiting, packed to the rafters, hooked up to the monster truck of a fifth wheel ready for adventures without a set destination or any schedule allowed.

Life or God has a way of punching you in the gut whether you have a vice free life or spiritual lifestyle.

You’re to appreciate discipline and financial responsibilities and you are automatically guaranteed to be able to retire long before 60: stow a healthy nest egg, no mortgage, and the kids all in their adulthood.

The biggest challenge is downsizing a humongous closet of clothes, collectibles, treasures and junk sorted diligently. Bravo to anyone who can give away or sell stuff, allowing the memories to float off into the sunset.

The kids don’t want any of your “hand-me-down junk” no matter some are centuries old family heirlooms passed down through generations, encapsulating a family tree.

Today, Millennials are satisfied with ancestry.ca to tell them all that without dust collecting artifacts, glassware, China, furniture or whatnot.

Social Media is suppose to be “social able”

Acrylic illustration by blog author, Jeannette Marshall
Alternative Version
As in being able to be social … whether you just come online with a narrow focus or outcome, you are on the super information highway. Remember:

Perception becomes reality.

Make sure your perception

is the best version of who


Don’t come across as bitchy … or grumpy.

I’ve been enthusiastic about the discovery of the KIJIJJI alternative LETGO. I like to swipe through other people’s junk [usually when Rob has the football game on].

I may have no intention or destination or object in mind, but a keen eye for things for repurpose-able garden objects that can be made into garden art. Rob now calls it my circus.

Use your manners online just like you would in person. Right? You’d think: right!

Whether a Yuppy or Millennial or Baby Boomer or GenX, GenY, GenX – you know flowers attract bees for honey, not vinegar.

Forget about hiding behind a screen, it isn’t a magical shield you are hiding behind. Get rid of that aggressive, rude tone or just don’t log on.

Forget that you’re so miserable you wanna make sure you take jabs at anyone you’re in contact with. Don’t even check in.

Social means pleasant, friendly, helpful. If you are unable to do so, just turn that TV back on or blend back into your not so perfect life.

Social doesn’t mean that misery loves company. You’ve got your sounding boards or therapist to help you with that.

For the first time this evening I read “widow” as others would share occupation.

If you’re in a bad mood, log off, star or flag whatever and go back the next day, especially if you are commenting or replying while you’re grumbling.

People gravitate towards positivity is what I like to believe. They don’t flock to negativity [unless you’re Kanye West and Drake having a Twitter spat].

If you’re just taking baby steps online, take heed:

BE the person UV always wanted to BE

Sugar is sweet cept it isn’t a fun vibe

Nastiness begets loneliness, no tribe

Don’t hate the haters

Connect to a mover, shaker or motivator

Where your opinion matters: Book Reviews


Creating a tribe within interests you have is a clever way of growing your following on Social Media – Twitter, Facebook, for example, or virtually bookmarking on Pinterest or following a hashtag on Instagram that tends to lead you down the path of your own interests.

I like reading, so this was an easy spot to be. There are great sites that help you not just post your own personalized review, but also, recommend other books by similar author(s) or genres, based on what you mark as read and how you rated it.

Long before Good Reads, I was a devotee of AMAZON because of its best sellers and also its “if you like this, you may like that” similar model adopted by Apple on iTunes and its APP store.


A theme I’ve had lately, having this sort of knowledge shown, shared, and willingly given is a WIN-WIN: you can attract new followers who may follow you everywhere else.

The following was a book review posted on AMAZON earlier this evening:


It was as though the author is sorting out the main character for consideration later on for a series ….. I felt he was doing a hard sell for us to like the main character, her honor. There was a little over zealous portrayal of a good ole boys network missing out on corruption, power …… they weren’t evil villains or compelling enough to care. The key figure in the background was boring or stereotypical. Maybe I didn’t get it as smoothly because there were too many subplots competing with each other, taking extra effort to keep who’s who straight. Not smooth at all. The idea and basis had my commitment to finish without any really climax or suspenseful conclusion with a high degree of predictability. Nice try.

Growing your tribe

Growing your online tribe is a lot different than your IRL sphere of influence.

IRL: basically an acronym for: “in real life” is something that should be adopted quickly.

It defines where we’re at: acceptance of outdated historical dialogue has become our reality in 2019.

Leapt into the diminishing days of this decade. 30 years ago I wasn’t just facing the lessening days of the 70s decade when I had recalled so much stuffed into a decade, I wasn’t necessarily on the front edge of the 80s and had some great misses (bad trends of the 80s I fortunately skimmed by without slowing down).

Visiting my brothers to celebrate New Years approx 2002

Keep your mind exercised and lively as you age

Created using the APP shown to me by @Apple that blends my own photos of my own art, blended together to VOILA!

Create your own happiness

Here we are again, us INBETWEENERs (neither Baby Boomer nor MILLENNIAL offspring) likely born between 1978 to 1961 – the dip in populations after Boomers, who likely were our older siblings, sharing war era parents who were sandwiched between the GREAT WAR (likely they had a sibling who served) and WORLD WAR II with the Great Depression nestled within their own childhood of having nothing, wanting for nothing by the circle of family protection, graduating into the workforce and working up the lady, over decades, who glided into stable sunset of retirement with the gold watch, mortgage free home, new vehicles like clockwork more likely a big truck to pull their 5th wheel over mountains, dusty roads, to find a lake to put up for the night and fish for a few times without deadlines or commitments other than that.

I can go on a tangent often, as I’ve done a lot of self work to discovery of what rocks my boat (not likely on open waters [WATCH “Adrift” on Netflix or on demand].

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