Create a love affair with your content.

Think of social media as a dance. Then decide whether you want to do tango, cha cha, or waltz.

Think of social selling as orchestrating theD credibility of your brand.

Decide what you want to be known for and then set out to be the best version.

A very bossy affair
original art by author, Jeannette Marshall


I keep opening my mouth and I can’t shut up!

Online, I get tap tapped tapped out.  Then I go under cover to regroup, take a deep breath, and then set on in out.

As all that hot air that I’d kept in, builds up to a momentum that makes you on the verge to IMPLODE.  Or EXPLODE.

However, like a balloon needs hot air, so do we all.

Not having a place to vent, or trusted confidantes of the olden days.  Long before my time.  Folks were actually called “Confidante”.  It signified trust.  

Unfortunately, today, we live in a bullish world where so many soldiers strive harder to raise above the increasing astronomical numbers.    They get clumsier and more aggressive.   Too much sizzle and not time to talk about how they’d like their steak:  those piranha infested waters  we dwell in online, we become too geared to 140 characters or less.

Global selling is a hard nut to crack, I would believe.  Without hard facts or knowledge yet.  Maybe I can find some information from my curiosity, would my approach really work in a global selling world.

Yes, I realize, I have watched BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCY sail by, like sharks.  (SIDE NOTE:  watch “MEG” if you like movies that make JAWS look like minnows in the ocean. Great new movie out on digital streaming.)

This poor fella was being nice by asking me whether I would be interested in delivering course material for ITIL to a very large corporations’ employees.  I agreed, gave him my personal email to follow up on.

See who is doing the following up here?

If you want to create a global presence, you rely on your word.

“Words are the largest revenue generator online.  Bypassing streaming, brand messaging, or any other kind.  Don’t swing it like a sword.  Ignore it at your peril.”                                                               Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

I would need the course material to review and prepare to communicate in any course hosting.

You should start a bio page on your web page that showcases your partners with their link to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, minimum.

If you want to act like a credible global organization, you have to begin behaving like one.  

Local customs aside, you have to fit in to the surf curve in the social media hub vibe.  Glide in and elegantly fit in.

Bulldozing your way only hurts your credibility and potential for trustworthiness.  What you do, or do not do,  as you have promised, you will be taking a huge pay cut!

Trust is your only way in.

To opening a buyer’s mind.  Be aware that trading services is a practice that has been going on in the advertising world for decades, those folks call it contra.

You trade a bargain for a bargain of equal value in either goods or services at the agreed equal value at the onset, and it is tracked and assigned to a marketing expense in your entrepreneur or business accounting.

Selling services is like being a conductor of an orchestra:  you aren’t playing any instruments, and yet the tone, beat and vibe is matching your swaying movements, as leader of the vibe.



Yes, I’m gullible and too trusting

I’ve heard this by my youngest daughter many times.

I’ll accept that. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt except when they accumulate and escalate as I become frustrated and communicate the ability to want to improve or change — of which entertains my husband who likes to watch when it happens, just missing the popcorn. That is when it falls within my home or family, I’m the atypical Momma Bear. I go on counter attack long before reactionary defence is needed: except the recipient perhaps.

I take and make my own photos

Ruffled feathers usually result.

It is my opinion, the guiltiest party goes on the aggressive offensive: often expressing the need to be more aggressive to grind you down, widdle your confidence away, causes fear of repercussions that lately are described as “Bullying”.

Acrylic painted styrofoam
Original art by blog author – Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

Let’s talk about coming out. A new kind.

Force culprits, coconspirators, and creeps be identified online or forced into admitting indiscretions when and from which organization, on who’s watch, discovered by what microscopic media journalists or whistle blown where?

Something Yuppies had to figure out: eventually bad things will catch up with you eventually, just being a matter of when. You can control your own reputation by awareness of your vibe or who is among your crew that develops your vibe.

Painted by me: unfinished
Created by Jeannette Marshall (c) 2018

I’ve been a student of demographics since the #mid80s paying attention AND experiencing life at the bleeding edge: living life boldly full with optimism which often was misunderstood as confidence and sometimes cockiness.

I know of what I speak

Who said that?

Our tribe of aging Yuppies: facing obstacles we should be tough enough you’d expect by now.

I don’t know, I only have a hunch since I became a Yuppy by the mid-eighties (80s) starting the road of optimism mashed.

Optimism Mashed?

Using lingo I grew up with is a pretty indicative Yuppy vibe. It’s not like we’re singing “Glory Days” as our elder Baby Boomer idol or sibling (sometimes both) tends to.

Survivor, survivor, Survivor

What other decade or demographic generation had the theme of survivor?

Some would say our War Era parents preceding the Baby Boomers. Think again:

A survival song?

A musical group or rock band.

Best Sellers that carry Survival themes.

Feel free to comment with your answers.

Social Media can fill a void, trust me: I know. Accessible 24X7/365 days a year. Forming connections across the universe with people that share the same vibe

One can truly attract their tribe simply by their vibe. What starts out as a way to spy on your kids when they were in their teens and keep track of virtually.

Gullible or skeptic? In my opinion, the opposite of gullibility is skepticism. One is where your brain, heart and soul are linked the second being distrustful, negative and impatient.

Naive and too trusting does not always mean gullible: a discussion AND argument I’ve had with my mom for probably all of my years.

What you like, comment on, share creates your vibe. It’s a measurement of honesty, transpar- ency and reflective of what you do online, who you mix with merely by a click, not a direct message, private message, hidden away behind the scenes.

An example of something I posted basically says what I do, what I like, what things I like, and who else agrees or has similar ideals, taste or opinions. It can be fleeting and needs consistency, regularity, personalized and becomes distinctive.

Oscar only relaxes to watch The Ellen Show weekdays with dogmum while papabear naps: Definition of peace “ ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ~who recognizes average people doing remarkable things.” #MentalHealth #OscarThePug #PositiveVibes


Looking FORWARD to 2019

Reinforcing what has gone well in 2018, can assist with keeping on track even if I take a peek at the horizon, I’ll be focused on the present.

For every separate blog, I try to map out its general gist, what it will likely cover, what I will talk about. In this case, the first one falls under ABOUT ME where I wrote about my vision for the blog.

The best thing on social media the past few months: the YUPPYdom blog, sprung from Word Press, and originally starting out as optioneerJM [my consistent social media profile name, working towards becoming a known entity as a personality first before anyone can be recognized as a brand.

My own perspective leans towards interpreting a brand best by numbers, coverage, reach yet more often recognized as someplace where consistent, loyal, audience, customer advocacy, and universal appeal reside, which translates to revenue or compensation [ which I’ve had neither to this point in time].

Thanks to you, and you AND YOU: there has been a flourish of attention to this YUPPYdom blog. In fact, I recently was asked whether I use an SEO service on it.

My first reaction was that someone recognizes the jump in activity, almost my favourite part of blogging, besides writing, is watching, looking at(graphs), understanding the stats each provider offers as part of its blogging platform… how data tells a story.

My optioneerJM blog is where I write more about, sales, leadership, business, technology and Social Media.

Looking forward

I’ll continue to write about being an aging Yuppy facing retirement in the next 10 to 15 years. That will take many words, I’m sure. What is happening on the world and national stage will certainly jolt things askew straying from what others in our age group came to expect, is no longer a given in the birth class of 1960 to 1965.

I will come to grips on what my husband and I had to face and get through in 2018. Combining that with the continuation in 2019. What I have learned and what needs to be figured out.

“Who’s the boss of the world?”

Asked my then six year old daughter.

My straight out answer:

Welllllllll, the boss of our world is the Prime Minister of Canada.

Silence. A sure sign of absorbing the information. Testing for flaws in her world perception; then asks: “How do you become the Prime Minister?”

Entering dicey territory, thankfully dodging the “her” versus “them” (when it was more certain 99.9% surely really a “him” in a tribe of boys, adjusting to her sphere of understanding)

I responded by saying: “Usually, a Prime Minister is a lawyer or an accountant.

When she burst out:

Well then–I’m gonna be a lawyer!”

Has QUANTITY 1st folded QUALITY ?

Not online like traditional MEDIA wanting dominance by numbers. Whereas, quality is consistently aligned with the YUPPY audience > those born 1960 to 1965.

The YUPPY was born into adulthood, graduating from High School class of 1979.

The YUPPY finished college or university or trades school in the early 1980s when the Cold War surfaced, causing global panic and doomsday media and events closing in around them.

The YUPPY if not a trend setter, less likely less than an adopter

The YUPPY tribe were the original HIPSTERS, where trends, fashion were paramount as a means of coping their way through trying times.

The YUPPY can be a state of mind, better certainly when graduating in 1981.

My best friend, whom I’ve known since that first fresh feeling of finally starting to adult, 40 years ago this fall.

The Twilight Season

Being in your 50s, seeing the sun setting in the horizon, you’re in the real Twilight Zone.

Fighting to fade along with the sun twilight hours.

That’s background to why I deem your fifties as your twilight years where you have twice the wisdom I did when I was 25 — smack dab in the age range of my Millennial kids. Blended. What else would you expect from those career milestones measured by image compounded by what you drove, how you dressed, how you conducted yourself scrupulously open to examination inheriting poised under pressure PUPs.

Don’t just like or send thumbs up: be engaged

LinkedIn makes it idiot proof and easy to engage with your co-conspirators, otherwise known as followers– all you have to do is pick the response, pick an image or a GIF to send back.

Don’t be lazy

If you sign up for LinkedIn, or anywhere, don’t just lurk in the background and read the content that LinkedIn gives you. Granted they’re working on finding even more content for you to find value with based on what you read: aka where and what you click on.

You don’t have to do anything

That’s your personal prerogative and choice.

Don’t sell yourself short

Linked In and all the other platforms want to help you: they want you to click more, follow more … they also want you to leap on board by commenting, sharing with your crowd, provide value to your tribe.

Don’t let PRIVACY give you the excuse to take a back seat.

Think of them as providing a service that makes them money eventually when they can show a stellar audience of intelligent, successfully employed, educated people: that’s their value proposition.

Trust is part of the currency.

It is where they stake a lot on. If you can’t or won’t trust them, you’re likely to remove yourself from their platform. At least, don’t engage. That is where you miss the mark.

Privacy is within your control.

You don’t have to mutually follow back anyone you don’t want to. You control what personal details are shared. If you don’t follow back, they can’t message you, see what you comment on, post, or share.

Block, mute, unfollow

those that you don’t trust, don’t know well enough, or those that need to earn your trust. It’s always in your grasp to prevent communication from anyone who doesn’t provide value.

Go “ALL IN” or don’t bother

leverage the algorithms and intelligence at your disposal.


where you hang out online.

Be savvy

read the small print, examine your following, understand the value that is being given to you. Decipher from the numbers (stats) what interests your following. Navigate your reputation accordingly.


from others: what they do, what makes you want to click. What the numbers show you can be different than what you believe, providing a road map on areas you can expand. It encourages you to learn more. It separates fiction from clear facts. It guides you.


what you have found valuable. It is highly likely that those who follow you will benefit as well. It shows what appeals to you, where you learn the best from.


when and where you are inspired. That shows that you are ENGAGED. It demonstrates your own expertise and experience.


is when you interact with others online.

Sure, go ahead and take baby steps if you must. You’re smart enough to figure out who provides value by knowing them.

Commenting on Groups in LinkedIn inspired me to start writing a blog. Watching the numbers, observing where people are from, confirming whether they’re your tribe or an opportunity showed me what to write more about.

I graduated to QUORA.com – a site that is based on asking questions and providing answers. Not always business based either. Advice on parenting, relationships, etc, etcetera, etc.


Regardless whether you’re a student or a CEO, you should have a direct hand on building your online brand. Don’t let the @realdonaldtrump of the world prevent you from taking charge.

Your opinion

matters wherever on whatever. You can INFLUENCE reputations when disserved, promote great stuff by your opinions. You provide value that allows others to improve. You guide others from making the same mistakes.

Use the tools

at your disposal. Start with the minimum, then proceed to adopt the effective habits that gain your own trust, value, knowledge for others to gain from.


your responses. Take what is offered and expand.


As I leveraged and engaged more on LinkedIn, I was rewarded by offers to bring value to others


Be curious.

For example Linked In invited me to provide career advice to those seeking it. I now respond, personalizing my message, leveraging that to expand my own audience and tribe:

Hi Sophia, Excited to be connected with you on the Career Advice product. Would love to understand more about your background and how I can help. (LinkedIn invited me to lend career advice to help others — VOILA! Here I am!)

Please feel free to let me know how I can help.

I’m an advocate of social networking and look forward to connecting on the other platforms under my identity of @optioneerJM and where I blog http://www.optioneerjm.com on WordPress and http://www.blogspot\optioneerjm.com

Best wishes,


Linked In is a must to create an online identity

LinkedIn provides value for those willing to leverage its machines, algorithms and intelligence.

WOW 43 birthday wishes from my LinkedIn tribe! Thank YOU!
Linked In is certainly leveraging its technology and gathering intelligence with its active members—providing value and making it easier to use. I think it is wise to do the dance with LI’s lead to expand one’s network by feeding relevant posts to share that resonate with the audience of one.
OGILVY ON ADVERTISING was THE first business book I read in my teens, about to embark on leaving home to go to college. It is A MUST READ for anyone willing to learn about target marketing and creating content that appeal to ONE … that then snowballs into creating conversations with a tribe online.

The goal:

make your brand memorable!

Following the age old principles of OGILVY is a must if you want to stand out from the noise and clutter everywhere.
I stay principled in responding to messages, creating conversations (acknowledging posts and comments) and have my website blog http://www.optioneerjm.com fuelled by WordPress AND @optioneerjm from Twitter linked on my LI profile to enable my tribe to continue the connections, and create relevant conversations that promote clicks of over 1 million impressions per month.

I like to help my tribe win!

DNA tests are a big rip off

Besides getting my results from submitting my saliva over a year ago taking a ridiculous long turn around time, there were no great discoveries where snippets had that already were known, it’s a scam that tries to suck you into buying anything more.

The proverbial bate and switch: one of my greatest pet peeves.

If I want to know more before the dangled carrot, I have to agree to a free trial by submitting my credit card details.

AncestryDNA has done nothing to earn my personal information.

What they shared with me was information available from any public records: birth certificate, death notices from newspapers or census’s details any Canadian knows it law that we be accounted for.

I sent the following to my surviving siblings: (with full names edited out):

I got my DNA results back today Grandparents Annie & Donald *** marriage certificate from 1919 – Annie**** born in England was 43 and Donald **** was 41: that’s the biggest scandal: that was their age when Dad was born and she was the older woman; he died in 1965 in New Westminster BC

Building trust

5 weeks after Cary, my baby brother’s passing, his orphan best friend — SOLO — is still working on trust.

My oldest brother, wife Leanne, and “cat whisperer niece, Danielle, adopted Solo during our sorting and emptying his home, a rental unite with a busy street east at the T-Intersection of a unique corner of Canada with its motley, eccentric crew of neighbours that conjure stories of their own: washed out faded youth marked by lines telling their story of hardship heartbreak and disappointment with what cards did they have dealt.

As if on cue, as though Cary himself was sending his goodbye message, Solo his beloved sidekick appeared.

For the past four days, upon my landing in Vancouver, the day after my younger baby brother had died in the hands at the care of the Hospital responsible for his care. Where less than a week ago he had undergone the removal of his right leg, amputated above the knee. He was in recuperation mode. Just being introduced to being fitted with a prosthesis otherwise known: a fake leg. He’d hardly woken up when he had to face up to another part of him taken from his body.

Losing a limb couldn’t have been easy for anyone, far less easy for Cary who was anything fake.

With the determination and perseverance inherited from our parents. That explosive combination of far opposites as possible, joined in marriage for those fifty plus years anniversaries they shared. I remembering wondering whether they would have been better if they had divorced.

If some notorious scholar had examined our childhood, they would follow how much of an impact your upbringing determines your path.

The new scientific researches on genetics is popular.

Is that the thirst for knowledge pushed by the MILLENNIAL CREW to the life reflections from the Baby Boomers and surviving war era octarians born in the 1930s. My mom was born in 1935 and recalls her eldest brother returning broken from fighting in a war for his country.

Maybe Solo reflects how my brother saw he fit into the world: from looking from the outside in; wanting to go in and be loved as much as he has known.

His adopted brother’s white fur represents his chilly reaction to having his space and human parents shared.

It was his niece, Danielle, who painstakingly researches and followed a disciplined regimen in building trust between the two male cats: one the usurper orange prince and the king of the north crown with its pure white regal fur.

While my remaining siblings and I sorted his belongings, we fussed with where Solo had disappeared to? He knew mother who cared only about who would take the cat–Cary’s loyal companion during his remaining years.

When I left 5 weeks ago, both cool cats were eating from both sides of the door–explained to us would expose each other’s scent in a non confrontational setting like eating. I recall the cat host coming up among us and my brother Greg chuckled at his cats look of disgust at being forced to share his kingdom.

Like Cary, Solo loves with all his heart. Likely taught that no matter how others saw you, you were true to yourself your ideals and had the gumption to speak with conviction, you were being the best version of yourself.

It was hard knocks and diminished hope that stripped him of any outward falsehood, except losing a limb destroyed his outward reflection and sure enough killed him in the hands and care of our fine FREE medical care here in Canada.

On the day he died, as a nod to what he would have wanted to say, I tweeted Justin Trudeau that he should be FIRST take care of Canadians since it was our electoral result to place him in power. To stop photo ops with immigrants when the opioid crisis just took another victim.

In his final days, I had no way of suspecting would be his last, I set up a blog, sending an email with the password to the blog and maybe even Twitter identity, as THE REAL CARY BEAR.

I promised him that I would guide him holding his hand or him dictating his voice to put his thoughts into words.

The child of perseverance, loyalty and commitment to be the best version of themselves, Cary, wanted to share his experience with the government agencies, medical field treated him.

He knew he’d been labeled an addict at the hospital he was rushed because the skin cap of calloused heel fell off and gangrene set in.

He spoke of fearing he’s considered the very bottom of the foot chain and the lowest citizen because of his addictions developed, evolved from his treatment by the very system that vowed to protect him every time he voted.

That’s the exchange between the electoral tribe and it’s celebrated democratic nominated leader.


What will you do when s*it happens?

Because s*it DOES happen

Upon reflection, I remember the forks in many roads or paths I’ve taken that resulted in failure yet I always disciplined myself to ask myself:

What have I learned from this experience?

Taking the cue from my parents who were enrolled in a programme that forced them into being a better person.

I wasn’t necessarily better than anyone else. My mother ruled with an iron fist.

I can still feel the sting of the wooden ruler after my siblings and I did what we were trained to do: line of with our hands up, palm upwards. The wait was excruciatingly painful. Almost more than the physical strike of the hard “whack” that numbed our senses as a coping mechanism.

My older brother — Baby Boomer — was a boy who was expected to grow up faster than other generations, except I’m sure the post war era babies, when boys too young to fight in the war were trained from birth to taking responsibility in the family business or the business of family.

By the time I became a parent, full blown in my early 30s it was on the heels of experiencing success from my career.

Talk about mixed messaging


By the end of the 1980s, many Yuppies found themselves in the role of motherhood. Brought up by the values where dads went to work to bring home the bacon, and moms were the superheroes who cooked the bacon and raised the children’s value, manners, polish and poise.

I’ve told my kids snippets of my childhood in stories.

An edited version that made it more palatable to their young minds.

There were warring factions of child rearing. As the guinea pigs of the Dr. Spock bAby bible mixed with War Era and post 1920s crash grandparents, who ultimately responsibility for the toughness of their children, our parents.

An explosive collision between entitlement and expected culture.

I can thank my mom for teaching me resilience:

No matter what crappy hand you were dealt, you could always be clean, polished, head up, looking forward. There was never an acceptable excuse for sloth, dirt, untidy appearance.

It was more like the harder you presented outwardly perfection, the easier it was to mislead others to look any closer, to the heartache and imperfections within the personal life.

When my father was partying it up, she was sewing us clothes made from the real Rummage Sales purchase of curtains to make my sister dresses. Hats and white gloves we were dressed when we went to church obediently and respectful outlook, manners sharp and drilled to treat elders with reverence, calling them Mr or Mrs until the seldom given permission to call them by the first name. More often, first names coincided with Aunts and Uncles at the most. If someone had earned a medical doctorate called Dr. last name. We didn’t call our priests Father first name, it was always Father Last Name.

To this day, if I find myself in a perplexing manner situation, I will call my 84 year young mother to ask her the proper etiquette.

During my headstrong years in my 20s, during the 80s, I did debate with her more on the other side of the equation, resulting with disapproval. I rued the day my father got involved because I had upset my mother so much. It was a tag team no win situation.

To be continued …..

One message at a time on Linked In

Most people will forage into social media or social networking with a lead in with Linked In, and Ill tell you why that’s a good thing:

  1. You sign up with your professional, primary account. That translate to being behind your company or organization or government or educational or institutional infrastructure– that means safety, security, firewalls and protections. I know what I speak as I worked for HP and built enterprises servers leveraging a resource team of technical pros. That’s long before the APPS | Applications like MicroSoft | Software Integration | Security Firewalls Passwords Permission Levels.
  2. You control who you are associated with, affiliated with, networked with and Linked In protects that as one of its top offerings: the ability to transparently interact with others.
  3. Linked In starts and ends with business networking as its primary business value. To promote that, they earn its users trust.
  4. Your personal details like birthdate,marital, telephone or address is ONLY displayed if you have your settings preferences entered.
  5. Linked In has always promoted social affiliation where you can link it with Twitter and display your website.

Do the dance. Play by the guidelines.

You will become immersed in this world of value, knowledge, impacting friendships created by the virtual world.

Be authentic.

Take responsibility for your own voice.

Connect and Engage

Means be responsive towards other regardless of income or education or station.

A World where everyone starts equal

Your voice becomes your equalizer. Expressed with words begets power used wisely and to the betterment of others.

I wrote this message on Linked In

Janet, thanks for connecting! Hope you’re doing well. You’ll note I commented on your LI post. I think we’ll add great value once we collaborate on common ground … I hope you will follow my WordPress blog http://www.optioneerjm.com and connect on all the platforms @optioneerjm” my online identity and experiment creating my own brand @optioneerjm … If you tag me, I’ll do my best to reshare retweet #RT hashtags too — I’m a big believer in surrounding myself with talented people trying to make the online world or offline — a better place & world.

You can read my bio on Linked In, of course. The following is me in a nutshell. I’ve sold and led some of the biggest projects through hardware (HP|XEROX) digital services ( HP, XEROX, wireless & digital printing, security printing, confidently print IKON, pioneered election signage printing and marketing edge).

Led and managed Enterprise servers delivery concurrently for security enabled entities/governments, insurance, financial institutions including The Bank of Canada to meet their high regulatory rules and highly confidential build and decommissioning network servers, applications, security into secure data centres in North America. Led and managed a diverse global team of technical resources across diverse locations and people. Focus on mitigating risk, exceeding deadlines, project financials and accountabilities.

I am in the hunt for my next adventure whether by employment or entrepreneurial — someone wise in the past week, basically asked me why I haven’t monetized my online accomplishments, stating 20000+ followers on Twitter is no easy feat since I’m no Lady Gaga or parliamentarian figure.

I’ve mulled it over and over and realize I don’t have an answer.



Created by author and writer and artist intern, Jeannette Marshall

A brave new world, 2019 style

images 720×1,080 pixels
— Read on t3.gstatic.com/images

This film came out in 1982 when I’d graduated from college BA and was about to be married for the first time … strange since the first time I’m watching is 2019: the year that movie was based on, right now.

Stranger even more with what’s going on around us in 2019. Some far fetched while others intriguing with Harrison Fords eccentric version of his characterized self. A far fetch from the cool, elegant sectarian he is now.

The story behind the iconic image of the Sudanese woman

Videos and photos of a striking woman leading a group of protesters in Sudan has gone viral on social media. But what is it about this image that makes it so powerful and symbolic?
— Read on www.pri.org/stories/2019-04-10/heres-story-behind-iconic-image-sudanese-woman-white

Sharing stories that move you shows your empathetic person.

Women show and share empathy automatically and readily. Men, on the other hand, not so much.

This is a great instance in how what you do online, impacts your personal brand by its identity or logo’sish name … like optioneerJM.

I can guarantee, it is like magnetic fields millions of light years away:

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