What’s so different now?

You keep

keeping on and on.

I can’t say I’ve never been

down so far before.

I do remember being so fearful of losing my house 15 years ago and how terrified I’d become of losing it.

The then ex thru every curve ball, including threatening to take a job at McDonalds at a third the salary [my lawyers’ response: that’s been tried before, that’s why you have to provide the last 5 years financials, investments, companies, shareholdership or partnership (including ownership or consulting, employment history, or income of any kind, including the sale of any assets, of any kind including collections or bequeathed to anyone.

AHEM catch your breath

Swing into social media, dip your toes to the gooey slime or gel depends on where you hang out and with whom becomes your online tribe.

Remember the possibilities are endless ….

You control your brand and reputation.

Engagement is simple

using your good manners distinguish authenticates a positive vibe.

Where the possibilities are endless.

The universe accepts your vibe.

Treat it gently.

It creates your vibe,

attracting others

dancing to the same beat of positivity

My Tweet to a new follower on @Twitter who has over 300,000 followers aka tribespeople::

@JirocaMusic what a #great vibe U have happening! P.S. The #HunksterHubster put @woodstockfest onTV!


Create a love affair with your content.

Think of social media as a dance. Then decide whether you want to do tango, cha cha, or waltz.

Think of social selling as orchestrating theD credibility of your brand.

Decide what you want to be known for and then set out to be the best version.

A very bossy affair
original art by author, Jeannette Marshall


I keep opening my mouth and I can’t shut up!

Online, I get tap tapped tapped out.  Then I go under cover to regroup, take a deep breath, and then set on in out.

As all that hot air that I’d kept in, builds up to a momentum that makes you on the verge to IMPLODE.  Or EXPLODE.

However, like a balloon needs hot air, so do we all.

Not having a place to vent, or trusted confidantes of the olden days.  Long before my time.  Folks were actually called “Confidante”.  It signified trust.  

Unfortunately, today, we live in a bullish world where so many soldiers strive harder to raise above the increasing astronomical numbers.    They get clumsier and more aggressive.   Too much sizzle and not time to talk about how they’d like their steak:  those piranha infested waters  we dwell in online, we become too geared to 140 characters or less.

Global selling is a hard nut to crack, I would believe.  Without hard facts or knowledge yet.  Maybe I can find some information from my curiosity, would my approach really work in a global selling world.

Yes, I realize, I have watched BITCOIN and CRYPTO CURRENCY sail by, like sharks.  (SIDE NOTE:  watch “MEG” if you like movies that make JAWS look like minnows in the ocean. Great new movie out on digital streaming.)

This poor fella was being nice by asking me whether I would be interested in delivering course material for ITIL to a very large corporations’ employees.  I agreed, gave him my personal email to follow up on.

See who is doing the following up here?

If you want to create a global presence, you rely on your word.

“Words are the largest revenue generator online.  Bypassing streaming, brand messaging, or any other kind.  Don’t swing it like a sword.  Ignore it at your peril.”                                                               Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

I would need the course material to review and prepare to communicate in any course hosting.

You should start a bio page on your web page that showcases your partners with their link to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, minimum.

If you want to act like a credible global organization, you have to begin behaving like one.  

Local customs aside, you have to fit in to the surf curve in the social media hub vibe.  Glide in and elegantly fit in.

Bulldozing your way only hurts your credibility and potential for trustworthiness.  What you do, or do not do,  as you have promised, you will be taking a huge pay cut!

Trust is your only way in.

To opening a buyer’s mind.  Be aware that trading services is a practice that has been going on in the advertising world for decades, those folks call it contra.

You trade a bargain for a bargain of equal value in either goods or services at the agreed equal value at the onset, and it is tracked and assigned to a marketing expense in your entrepreneur or business accounting.

Selling services is like being a conductor of an orchestra:  you aren’t playing any instruments, and yet the tone, beat and vibe is matching your swaying movements, as leader of the vibe.



Yes, I’m gullible and too trusting

I’ve heard this by my youngest daughter many times.

I’ll accept that. I do like to give people the benefit of the doubt except when they accumulate and escalate as I become frustrated and communicate the ability to want to improve or change — of which entertains my husband who likes to watch when it happens, just missing the popcorn. That is when it falls within my home or family, I’m the atypical Momma Bear. I go on counter attack long before reactionary defence is needed: except the recipient perhaps.

I take and make my own photos

Ruffled feathers usually result.

It is my opinion, the guiltiest party goes on the aggressive offensive: often expressing the need to be more aggressive to grind you down, widdle your confidence away, causes fear of repercussions that lately are described as “Bullying”.

Acrylic painted styrofoam
Original art by blog author – Jeannette Marshall @optioneerJM

Let’s talk about coming out. A new kind.

Force culprits, coconspirators, and creeps be identified online or forced into admitting indiscretions when and from which organization, on who’s watch, discovered by what microscopic media journalists or whistle blown where?

Something Yuppies had to figure out: eventually bad things will catch up with you eventually, just being a matter of when. You can control your own reputation by awareness of your vibe or who is among your crew that develops your vibe.

Painted by me: unfinished
Created by Jeannette Marshall (c) 2018

I’ve been a student of demographics since the #mid80s paying attention AND experiencing life at the bleeding edge: living life boldly full with optimism which often was misunderstood as confidence and sometimes cockiness.

I know of what I speak

Who said that?

Our tribe of aging Yuppies: facing obstacles we should be tough enough you’d expect by now.

I don’t know, I only have a hunch since I became a Yuppy by the mid-eighties (80s) starting the road of optimism mashed.

Optimism Mashed?

Using lingo I grew up with is a pretty indicative Yuppy vibe. It’s not like we’re singing “Glory Days” as our elder Baby Boomer idol or sibling (sometimes both) tends to.

Survivor, survivor, Survivor

What other decade or demographic generation had the theme of survivor?

Some would say our War Era parents preceding the Baby Boomers. Think again:

A survival song?

A musical group or rock band.

Best Sellers that carry Survival themes.

Feel free to comment with your answers.

Social Media can fill a void, trust me: I know. Accessible 24X7/365 days a year. Forming connections across the universe with people that share the same vibe

One can truly attract their tribe simply by their vibe. What starts out as a way to spy on your kids when they were in their teens and keep track of virtually.

Gullible or skeptic? In my opinion, the opposite of gullibility is skepticism. One is where your brain, heart and soul are linked the second being distrustful, negative and impatient.

Naive and too trusting does not always mean gullible: a discussion AND argument I’ve had with my mom for probably all of my years.

What you like, comment on, share creates your vibe. It’s a measurement of honesty, transpar- ency and reflective of what you do online, who you mix with merely by a click, not a direct message, private message, hidden away behind the scenes.

An example of something I posted basically says what I do, what I like, what things I like, and who else agrees or has similar ideals, taste or opinions. It can be fleeting and needs consistency, regularity, personalized and becomes distinctive.

Oscar only relaxes to watch The Ellen Show weekdays with dogmum while papabear naps: Definition of peace “ ⁦@TheEllenShow⁩ ~who recognizes average people doing remarkable things.” #MentalHealth #OscarThePug #PositiveVibes


Looking FORWARD to 2019

Reinforcing what has gone well in 2018, can assist with keeping on track even if I take a peek at the horizon, I’ll be focused on the present.

For every separate blog, I try to map out its general gist, what it will likely cover, what I will talk about. In this case, the first one falls under ABOUT ME where I wrote about my vision for the blog.

The best thing on social media the past few months: the YUPPYdom blog, sprung from Word Press, and originally starting out as optioneerJM [my consistent social media profile name, working towards becoming a known entity as a personality first before anyone can be recognized as a brand.

My own perspective leans towards interpreting a brand best by numbers, coverage, reach yet more often recognized as someplace where consistent, loyal, audience, customer advocacy, and universal appeal reside, which translates to revenue or compensation [ which I’ve had neither to this point in time].

Thanks to you, and you AND YOU: there has been a flourish of attention to this YUPPYdom blog. In fact, I recently was asked whether I use an SEO service on it.

My first reaction was that someone recognizes the jump in activity, almost my favourite part of blogging, besides writing, is watching, looking at(graphs), understanding the stats each provider offers as part of its blogging platform… how data tells a story.

My optioneerJM blog is where I write more about, sales, leadership, business, technology and Social Media.

Looking forward

I’ll continue to write about being an aging Yuppy facing retirement in the next 10 to 15 years. That will take many words, I’m sure. What is happening on the world and national stage will certainly jolt things askew straying from what others in our age group came to expect, is no longer a given in the birth class of 1960 to 1965.

I will come to grips on what my husband and I had to face and get through in 2018. Combining that with the continuation in 2019. What I have learned and what needs to be figured out.

Trust is a beautiful thing

My goal on LinkedIn has always been to connect with those whom I can learn from.  Nowadays, it is not what people are sharing, but what they are writing and saying.  Based on experience or know how.

Another example on how TRUST matters.

I trust that people are honest and know what they are talking about.  We tend to lean towards familiar names to follow, brand names per se.  

Every platform has a process for reporting other users who are abusing the service.  If they don’t then they are missing the bus, especially a lot of opportunity.

How trustworthy your organization is, amounts to a priceless reputation.  Watching CBC tonight’s “Marketplace” I wouldn’t trust a couple of the major telecommunications companies in Canada, nor their association.  And this is an investigative journalist perspective.  They like nothing better than to squeal on the big boys.

It makes me wonder what the watchdogs are doing?  With the explosion of information, abuse of information and stealing information, our governments need to be on their toes.  After all, they’re number one job is to take care of the people who voted them in.  That’s what Trudeau and Trump don’t get, from my point of view.  

Both pretty boys whose careers were boosted by daddy. 



This is how I’ve started to handle unsolicited private messages:

I don’t see identifiers in your ID to indicate you’re safe to reply to, if you subscribe to my blog, then I’ll see yours, with option to LIKE it or even Re-Blog it … likewise if you follow me on Facebook or LinkedIn or Twitter or Instagram I go under the same brand: @optioneerJM has grown to over 20000 followers, connected with 3500 networkers on Linked In would indicate I’m trustful, and the audience is attuned to my writing about demographics with full transparency and sharing to help others try getting on the social media in baby steps. I’ve done it, I’ve made mistakes along the way and help others learn.
I will be your guide.
Ive been on Social Media since about 2005 while I was doing the hiring dance with HP. (Since we’d had a strong, forward-moving cha Chan even if her communication style was awesome. Dry, soft spoken who cheered for the home state NFL Super Bowl.
Even if you agreed to follow or someone follows you. The proper etiquette should be is you ask them by replying to their tweet and ask permission to send a private message + send them a cute GIF from Tweeter, or you can make your own, so they will agree.

It indicates that you are respectful of their time and privacy.

Mind your manners

Communications Etiquette will make you memorable.

The name of the social media best practices should be that you gain more unsolicited followers who become champions who-share or re-tweet your posts.

The best chance of that happening is an exchange where you tweet publicly, and the other person RETWEETS adding a comment AND a GIF that compliments the mood of your 140characters.

If you’re hobby artist, you can share your artwork, poems, link to recipes or ones that are your own or one that you’d tried – you can try to find an article from The New York Times, TheNationalPost, or CBCNews (most can tell you’re from Toronto). I like MASHABLE and retreat their interesting finds of gadgets or tech or viral stories as an Eminem.

I would like to evolve this site and amalgamate my Blogspots blogs on as pages to share the most popular ones under a new Tab on http://www.optioneerjm.com so it can evolve into an ezine. I’ve invited very smart Millennial young ladies to write speaking from their unique perspective, reporting what’s important in their world, not their parents, no family’s stuff unless that’s where the funny stories come from.

I see poetry becoming more and more popular:: especially if accompanied by art or photography that compliments the mode or underlying message.

Who can decide who likes it? Anyone can. Any person may stop and read the poem because of the stunning image.

To practice the idea.

Find a poem you love.

Or a scripture you love.

Find an image you love

and work it together.

You can save it to your iPad, or iPhone because that is likely where a photo was taken and in your photo library or a picture you’ve taken or scanned of art you create.

It is a safe place to try that new thing.

#Calgary   #yyc #Calgary
A puzzle of Calgary:: great way to rest the active mind.

If you have a love-hate relationship with a sport like golf, or a hobby like gardening, a soccer mom, you have incidences or drama other soccer moms have experienced, they may read your posts, find humour in diva episodes, and go on to subscribe to your blog.

You can write as a pet name or a pet’s real name, like the guy from The Dragons Den on Twitter, often posts attitudes of his dog.

You could be the biggest CEO of the biggest corporation and write under an anonymous name.

If you rant, attack politicians, the opposing sports team (unless you’re Drake cheering courtside at a Raptors NBA game) > expect to be blocked, unfollowed or muted.

Do not impersonate Hell’s Kitchen divaman Gord Ramsey in your posts or blogs, or try to create your own nightmare.

People are attracted to stories either from media, journalists or social network. Have common sense to distinguish them all or identify those that are not manning their own station: personally tweeting their own stuff.

Add “own opinions” and ensure you don’t attack an old boss.

So, basically, you take ownership for all your tweets.

That builds trust and credibility.

Don’t fight on Twitter. Period. Pick up the phone and have that conversation, or argument, in private: where it belongs.

Walk the walk

Be aware of the talk

It is critical for anyone to read up on an organization to read what candidates say about you: It is attached to your brand. Marketing can waste a ton of resources, spend a fortune on positive messaging, whereas poor reviews can destroy it all.
It has been my experience that corporations spend more on telling us what we should think about them and avoid accountability in hiring process, interviewing or participants’ engagement. If you’re an executive, CEO, or entrepreneur you may want to personally see how your employees are anonymously rating you, personally; or reading reviews on your hiring practices. Folks appear to be prepared to share their experiences.
Guaranteed: your customers can be reading this or prospects halt doing business with your organization because it reveals your culture. How you treat your team feeds perception on how you react and treat others, it communicates who you’ve entrusted with the care of your most valuable resource: your people.

For example at HP

Part of onboarding at HP was deep understanding of the visions Messrs. Hewlett and Packward’s set from their humble beginnings, not just the history. It was to create an excellent work environment, amongst the most brilliant, with family picnics and community volunteerism a vital contributions to where they lived.

It is still important today

When I was at HP, I expanded my appreciation of how important giving to our neighbours and children was. In fact, any volunteering was on their clock, at their expense. A manager or supervisor was not permitted to decline an employee’s request to volunteer. It was not deducted from their days off either. Recognition for stepping up was part of the package–after one year of dedicated Junior Achievement course presentation, on behalf of HP, I earned additional charitable contribution, on HP’s dime, among a choice of donations. I remember choosing funds for transportation for girls to attend school in Jamaica. (No, I wouldn’t have been aware that it was a challenge before).

On the flip side

I worked for one of the biggest, richest Canadian corporations who took full credit for my volunteering under their logo and promoted as part of their marketing Schlick, telling everyone that their team put in so much bazillion of volunteer time in the community.

Rah, rah, rah right?

Let’s talk about the truth without getting in trouble or being considered a loose wheel, by being truthful.

That same company’s managers harassed their employees for volunteering period. In fact, my manager told me straight out that my enthusiasm for volunteering was giving the perception that I thought I was better than everyone else.

The invitation came from an executive who knew me personally prior to working there, stating he remembered it being part of my LinkedIn profile.

Then, I was only able to volunteer on my own time or a vacation allotment. In other words, it did not cost them a dime.

That company’s logo was displayed everywhere at a more distinguished corporate event at a university. It was 100% my time. I could enter my free hours in a draw at the end of the year, to earn a $25 coffee card (or something along that line).

I was so far down the company chain, I was opened to ridicule from my manager when someone higher up recognized me and I got a T-Shirt displaying I was a team volunteer. I left it draped over my chair and when I came back to work, it was gone.

Based on Code of Ethics, I reported it to my manager, avoiding accusatory verbiage, who told me they’d buy me a colourful TShirt from Walmart for five bucks. No investigation or questions asked. To me, I took it to mean that stealing a teammate’s item was allowed.

I did the time without the TShirt to prove it.

REMEMBER: investors and shareholders make decisions based on reputation and poor culture with whom they give money to.
Check out this interview on Glassdoor.

It’s in the shoes

“In the right shoes, you can handle anything.” ~JeannetteMarshall @optioneerjm #Quote #CalgaryBlogger http://www.optioneerjm.com “listenUP” board on #Pinterest

Assumptions check over reality

It’s a matter of who wants it more

Sports, competition, championships — it all comes down to who wants it more.

During the final minutes of this fabulous match up that means SO MUCH to SO MANY people evaporate color, share pride and prove everyone loves a Cinderella Story!

The jarring reality

Is sometimes not the only thing that comes to mind.

For me, it is those examples

who inspire me every day.

Survival with a capital “S”!

In December 2017, my brother

discovered he had Stage IV cancer.

It was like a heavy, dark cloud descended

upon us. Shock really. Of all four of kids,

he’d been the most health conscious, much

better habits, turfing the bad ones for the

most part.


It’s so simple, it’s silly

This is all that matters.
Everything else is junk.

“It’s just junk!”

My older brother says.

During our telephone conversation

while I was calling to wish him a


It strikes me a being a role model.

Which he had always been since I

can remember.

Not an idol — nobody really is because

nobody is worthy of being an idol … except Jesus or Allah or Buddha;

Nobody else sets the bar so very HIGH

when it comes deeply and lovingly giving

unsolicited advice.

Regardless of

who they are.

Someone you

sit up and pay

attention to.

You know you

love and respect

them. You admire

their ability to cut

through the B.S.

dice through the niceties

while upholding the diction,

tone, and manners before

anything that matters, is right

or wrong. Sprinkle in my dad,

Stormin Norman, example of

speaking loudly and authoritatively.

Not without fact-checking to ensure

he understood “the pay off”.

You didn’t go to ask for my father’s soft,

nurturing support. Instead you went

for life advice, involving personal attitudes;

leadership was foremost on his psyche.

When you struggled the most, my father

pushed us back down the funnel if we didn’t

understand the point. It was our job to know

what the final “pay off” was gonna be.

He may have always had that exuberant way

of expressing himself, however, when he knew

that he was fading, he seemed to want to dispel

his amassed wealth of knowledge.

It was his way of trying to make up for the

shortfalls. He was away a lot for his military

career. The higher he went up the covert ladder,

the more unexpected the departure.

WordPress and blogging: in harmony

How much do spelling typos, grammatical errors minimize your brand?

I adore the tribe vibe of WordPress. The online hub for bloggers, a BLOGher – is by far the best talent and supportive community, where you can discover some real diamonds in the rough. Those with leanings towards hefty topics or topical musings,

Joined by common ideals: sharing wisdom, educating loyalist crowd, cheerleading support, creating conversations by commenting, and assembling a rich variety of reading material.

Fiction or real, these blogs conjure the imagination or dispense awareness or uncover artistically creative sites, poetic symphony of elegant narrative or agonizing diary, of thought, reflection and exorcism of sad thoughts, distinguishing regrets, putting out the fires from mental health angst.

Pure escapism, exploration of new ideas,

learning and self-discovery.

Realizing what you held as beliefs at the core

can evaporate as swiftly as mist on a hot summer day.

New perspective from a different point of view,

society, region, culture, craft or communications mode.

To the savvy and wise, exploring the plethora of content online

can widen your horizons, travel to places not otherwise seen,

up to the moment, exactly as it happens: a race traditional media

loses the race. Often looking like an afterthought,

or an up-to-the-minute BREAKING NEWS.

The forthcoming blog was shown as a constructive example of how a brilliant blog writing deteriorated swiftly when I was encumbered with typos.

I am far from perfect. I’ve been guilty of publishing a post without making sure I re-read with a fine-toothed comb (English expression meaning by critical examination), a stellar proofreading job.

What begins as an enjoyable read morphs into an annoyance.

Should you feel insulted that the writer doesn’t value more?

Should the writer be meticulous?

A nod to its readership, acknowledging their sophistication and intelligence?

A sign of respect that clearly defines a goal to attract a admirable audience: no typos, proper grammar.

Unfortunately, some of us begin to write on our iPads. A completely new and unique way of typing, clicking and entering text.

One pet peeve with WordPress is its limited and lack of flexibility with format. Combined with an iPad, the experience is worse.

Being able to import your iPad photo library should be much easier.

It becomes discernible that WordPress Developers doing their coding and magic on a PC. Definitely not a MAC or Apple device.

There’s a level of sophistication with Apple that has survived

even if Steve Jobs has not.

Thank you for SUBSCRIBING TO: http://www.optioneerjm.com to READ MORE …..


Moments that count

Captured in mere moments

If you try to mimic mindfulness,

it will limit you only by the moment.

Forcing you to remain in the present,

Where the past shall remain,

extrapolated wisdom

travels to your soul.

If you are distracted

by tomorrow

these moments pass you by.

In a blink it has passed you

when you failed to heed it.

Too consumed with time ahead.

If you can quiet your mind

frozen in what’s before you.

Neither the past nor the future

interrupt the NOW.

~Jeannette Marshall






… watching a mother in love with being a mom. Rising up and flourishing under the greatest thing a man can never know: the secret of motherhood that can beam brightly from the soul.

…. or as a mother, being set far back, hurting to not share that defining moment: her graduation top of her class, Dean’s List, Honour Roll, AND an internship at the Smithsonian in Washington, DC all last summer.

My only instruction to not meet anyone named “Trump” as if I had a say or advice needed or wanted.

There’s a progression of isolated moments when a mom is flung aside as the chickadee has to forge ahead.

That’s the moment, a mom has her fingers crossed behind her back, and she takes on the best you’ve taught her, avoided your worst traits, a survivor of her Millennial graduate class of 2019. A degree the medal for those battle scars from learning, moving ahead, knowing confidently what is acceptable or not acceptable to her.

Treating everyone with kindness and gratitude is the best traits anyone can adopt, without limits. Period.

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